You would never venture out into the harsh winter weather without proper protection (right?), and your outdoor living space needs the same attention. Winter temperatures and weather can be harsh on your trees, landscapes, and even hardscapes. A few common-sense tips can help protect your outdoor space from costly winter damages this year. This is our guide to protect your outdoor living space against the harsh conditions that the Pennsylvania winter weather brings.

Stay Away from Chemicals

Rock salt can have a very harmful effect on nearly everything it touches, but as an effective ice remover, we tend to gravitate toward it to protect ourselves from slips and falls. With hardscaping, the natural stone and concrete can be deteriorated at an alarming rate with the use of rock salt. Inquire at your local hardware store for safer and less corrosive alternatives.

Make Small Repairs

If there are loose, broken, or otherwise damaged boards on your outdoor woodwork, fix it before the weather gets progressively worse. The wet and cold weather won’t do you any favors with your decking. Replace any broken pavers or brickwork, as well. Allowing the elements to penetrate your hardscaping could mean further repairs once the spring is upon us.

Keep off the Lawn

Pick up forgotten toys, the plastic swimming pools, or any other large objects. When it does snow these objects will create dead or stunted areas from the weight of the snow and the object. And on the same note limit all traffic, especially avoid walking over the same area creating a path. Foot traffic will damage grass plants when it is freezing or has a frost.

Get Your Mature Trees Checked Out

While trees may seem to be a pretty simple thing, they require serious care including periodic inspections by professional landscaper or arborist to assess the health and stability of the tree. They can evaluate the potential damage a winter storm can do to existing trees and enact a plan to protect against potential damage.

One of the best things about winter is that we’re not out in the yard constantly grooming, cutting, and trimming, but certain steps should be taken to ensure that your outdoor space will be lush and healthy in the spring. Once spring rolls around and you find your yard a little lackluster, reach out to us. We want homeowners to enjoy their landscapes, not dread them. Check out all of the general maintenance services we offer.

Want a real deal? Our Total Property Maintenance Package will ensure your landscape is maintained properly each season without the need for you to make another call. All of the services listed above are included in Total Property Maintenance and will be done at the proper time for the best results!