Every neighborhood seems to have an over-eager mower, and the sound of their lawnmower in the very early Spring can set off a wave of anxiety down the block. You might ask yourself, “Is it time to start mowing yet? Will my yard be the neighborhood eyesore if I wait too long?” Well, let us put your mind at ease so you don’t make lawncare decisions out of peer pressure.

Different kinds of grass require different kinds of care, but for the most part, you should only begin mowing when your grass is at least two to three inches long and actively growing again. Cutting anything shorter than that could weaken the grass and make your yard more vulnerable to weed growth. Waiting to mow will help grass develop healthy roots. Throughout the mowing season, take care to cut no more than one-third of the grass blade length. Keeping your lawn too short can stress and even starve grass. 

In addition to growth, keep an eye on the weather forecast before you make the first cut. Leave your grass alone if temperatures are still dropping below freezing or if there is an active threat of frost. Since freshly mown grass is essentially an open wound, it is much more susceptible to damage from frost than grass that has been left alone. 

If the spring has been particularly wet, mowing might a difficult undertaking. Wet blades of grass will lay lower to the ground than dry blades and won’t be cut. Once those blades dry, they will rise and look like cowlicks on your lawn. For a uniform cut, wait until your lawn is completely dry. Wet grass will also form larger than normal clumps and those clumps can contribute to fungal diseases and unsightly brown spots. 

Given all of these factors, it’s clear that mowing too early can cause lasting damage and unsightly lawns. You’re better off waiting a bit longer than might feel comfortable. Putting up with a slightly overgrown yard for a week or two will reap benefits in the long run. 

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