The end of another decade is upon us. And just like in this digital age, an outdoor living design has become all about connection. A simple deck with weatherproof chairs and portable grill just won’t do the trick anymore. People want a comfortable spot to connect with family and friends that duplicates, and in many instances surpasses, the comfort of their indoor gathering spots. With that in mind, here are some of the top trends that can be expected to continue to gain popularity in 2019.

Naturally Seamless

One of the hottest up-and-coming trends is to merge hardscape installations with the surrounding landscape. This can be done in several ways. One way is through selecting materials, such as stone, that have a more natural look. Pavers can also be intertwined with adjacent grass or gardens for an almost seamless effect. Another, more traditional application of this idea is to use space out pavers with strips of grass or ground cover. Creating a checkerboard or stepping stone pattern.

The Look of Stone

More and more homeowners are requesting retaining and free-standing walls that have natural stone textures. Trending styles include walls that offer the look of tumbled stone or chiseled stone. Homeowners are also increasingly drawn to wall installation patterns with clean, contemporary lines.

Gray Matters

This year we will continue to see a shift towards natural materials and colors that blend in with the outdoor environment. However, gray has also become a favorite. From light gray to charcoal, gray tones continue to dominate current hardscape trends. Another up-and-coming trend is combining the two. This transitionary color phase is sometimes called “greige,” a blend of both gray and beige tones. Homeowners in Pennsylvania and beyond are falling in love with these muted color blends in hardscapes because of their ability to work well with both warm and cool design palettes.

Getting in the Flow

People love the soothing sound of running water, and the trend of incorporating formal water features into outdoor designs is growing at an exponential rate. With our busy lifestyles, however, consumers also want a water feature that is simple to take care of — adding beauty, ambiance, and value to the outdoor living space without additional maintenance time and cost.

A Bright Outlook

The vast majority of time spent in most outdoor spaces is in the evening and on weekends. Because of this, outdoor living trends are moving towards well-designed built-in lighting systems. With today’s LED technology and smartphone apps, installing an automated lighting system has never been easier.

One thing that won’t change this year is the popularity of outdoor living spaces. If you are looking to add or enhance an outdoor living space, now is the perfect time to plan it. Check out some inspirational designs in our gallery to get started!