It is part of our job to be on top of all of the trends we see year after year and we don’t mind one bit. Here are some interesting things that we are excited about his year, some of which you can even DIY.

Vertically (not) Challenged

Are you limited on room in your outdoor space? When planning consider going taller, not wider. All you need to do is take a wall, like your fence, and grow plants one on top of the other. You can do this with flowers, veggies, herbs etc. The sky is the limit, literally! 

Take a Seat

This year make sure your outdoor space has different types of seating. In the past when we didn’t all spend so much time at home our outdoor space was relegated to lounge chairs around the pool, or a table by the grill. All that has changed. Make sure your seating reflects life in 2022 accordingly. IE:

  • A counter or table top space to work from home
  • A strategically placed umbrella to block your screen from glare
  • Seating that now only looks good but goes the distance for max lounging time
  • Seating that is flexible and can be easily rearranged 

Sustainability to Stay 

Now more than ever people want to know where things come from and the good news is it is completely possible to create stylish outdoor spaces that are also sustainably focused. The main ways of doing this can look like outdoor furniture made from recycled goods, eco-friendly decor, and building with natural materials like reclaimed wood and bamboo.  

Keep it Contained

Is this the year you want to start growing your own food? A great way to dip a toe in is container gardening. All you really need is to start dreaming about some ideas and themes. (Pizza garden anyone?) Make a list of the containers, pots, soil, and seeds you’ll need, noting the ideal time to plant these. You can grow almost any type of herb or veggie this way. 

Outdoor Climate Control

People are spending even more time outdoors which is just good for the soul in our book. The more you can extend the comfort level of your great outdoors is a win win for everyone. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Overhead heating lamps in your outdoor dining area
  • Timeless fire pit table complete with coordinating lounge chairs 
  • Keeping it cool in the summer with ceiling fans on your veranda
  • Energy-efficient outdoor evaporative coolers

Check out some of our other ideas here and as always let us know if you have any questions.