It’s never too late to start planning your backyard paradise. Maybe this past summer break was the one you finally resolved to get that pool your family has always wanted. Kids love playing with water, so what better way to keep them entertained next summer than adding kid-friendly features to your backyard pool landscape? Summer days spent in the pool are what your child dreams of on those last few weeks of school. In fact, keeping kids busy during the summer is one of our top reasons to install a pool. If you have an existing pool, that wasn’t built with children in mind, it’s never too late to add some fun features. Read on to find out our favorite ways to turn your backyard into a kid-friendly swimming pool paradise.


Water slides come in a variety of sizes and can be seamlessly integrated within the landscaping of a pool, whether it be tile, rock, or other landscaping.  A slide with a gentle curve can offer a safer, slower speed, but for kids who love a fast drop into the swimming pool, a straight slide is the way to go. It is important to choose a slide that is designed specifically for swimming pool use so that you can be sure it meets the U.S. Consumer Product Safety swimming pool slide standards. It also should be properly installed with a water supply to prevent painful skids (ouch!). But overall, slides are very simple to plan for and install. It’s an easy way to provide endless fun for kiddos in your swimming pool!

Water Features

Not only are they kid-approved, water features look beautiful and even add a dimension of relaxing sound to your outdoor living space. They are the perfect way to enjoy your pool even when you are not swimming. One of our favorite water features is deck jets. Deck jets are a fun add-on to any size pool and loved by both kids and adults. They are installed on the edge of the pool to create thin arcs of water across and into the pool. They are often backlit with colored LEDs for a truly impressive night display. Your kids will love chasing the glowing water!

Beach Entries

Beach entries are also a great swimming pool safety feature for families with small children. A beach entry is exactly what it sounds like: a gradient entry into the water, similar to a beach. The precision-graded deck eases into a ramp or smoother steps that make it easier to wade into the pool instead.  Beach entries are also great for older kids (and adults) who prefer to lay out and catch a few summer rays while relaxing in the cool water.

Single Depth

Single depth may not technically be a water feature, but it is a design feature that will make your pool more kid-friendly. A single depth pool creates a more play-friendly pool environment. No one wants to spend the majority of their pool time treading water while playing water basketball or other games.  Deep ends take up a lot of space and can make water games more difficult. When you want to have fun with recreational activities in the pool, it is best to keep your feet on the pool floor. Consider opting for a single depth if family fun and recreation are high on your list of priorities.

These are only a handful of kid-friendly features that you may want to think about adding or including in the design of a new pool. It is important to keep in mind that while these options are all kid friendly, children should still be supervised in the water at all times while using them. Interested in creating a kid approved summer paradise in your backyard? Give us a call to see how we can help. Big or small we can help make any pool project of yours a success.