Decorating an outdoor space is a matter of taste. Fans of English gardens may go mad for tangles of roses and clematis, but other’s may prefer the simplistic elegance found in resort spaces. If you can’t get out of town this season—or just want to extend those feel-good vacation vibes we have everything you need to turn your back yard into a spa-like retreat.

Hang a Hammock

Nothing says relaxation like an outdoor afternoon snooze. A backyard hammock lets you rock at your leisure while catching up on your favorite magazines, plow through your spring reading list, or get some much-deserved shut-eye. Just make sure you have two sturdy, healthy trees with enough distance apart.

Melt Your Stress Away

Wind down your evening with a fireside chat—literally. Channel your childhood campfire days with a gorgeous professional fire feature. Not only is it perfect for roasting delicious marshmallows or singing Kumbaya, gazing at a fire can be very calming. Just don’t forget to stock up on chocolate and graham crackers; s’mores are a must.

Cook Outside

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen—unless the kitchen is already outside. Taking advantage of the warmer weather means spending more time outdoors, and creating a fun and open space for outdoor cooking is perfect for enjoying family time or gathering a crowd.

Sooth Yourself with Water

Unwinding to the sounds of a babbling brook might seem like a dream involving a tent by a river under the stars. But the oasis can come to you. Outdoor water features can be as simple as fountain or as resort-like as waterfall and koi pond and are cheaper than traveling somewhere far. Water features provide the right amount of soothing sights and sounds to inject some much-needed tranquility into your yard.

Add Colorful Foliage

A change of aesthetics is one of the best parts about visiting a new location, but why shouldn’t vibrant and exotic plants be for everyday viewing? A new pop of color or adding in some flowers that you normally don’t plant can be a great way to feel like your own backyard is a fresh destination. Best part? Some of the most vibrant flora flourishes best in the spring and summer.

Just Add Light

Giving the appearance of a spacious resort is just one of the many reasons to install outdoor lighting in your space. If you plan to spend a lot of your evenings outside, you should include outdoor lighting fixtures in your plans. Having lights installed in your posts, floors or overhead can do a lot in terms of ambiance and security.

Don’t Forget the Kiddos

Some resorts are all about pleasing the kids (and you). Kid friendly spaces can be just as calming and eye pleasing as any. Create a place for the kids to escape to you, so you can have a little ‘me’ time in your own backyard.

Whether it’s transforming your outdoor space into a spa, adding bright foliage to the yard, or creating a custom designed outdoor dining place, we can help you revamp your humble abode into a dream destination.