What is trending in the outdoor living world these days? So glad you asked. We’ve got a great list to keep you current. Here is a roundup of the latest to sink your teeth into.

1. Imperfect is Perfect

Natural immersive gardens are very trendy right now, also called curated wilding or nature-scaping.. What does that mean? It is using natural materials with neutral colors and rich raw textures are used to highlight the perfectly imperfect beauty of nature.

2. Earth Friendly

Another trend is low-carbon everything. Examples of this are sticking with local plant varieties and focusing on growing your own veggie, herbs and fruit to reduce carbon footprint. Also key is sourcing all-local materials; ie furniture, plant materials, fertilizers etc.

3. Heavy Metal

Another trend that we’ve seen go from interiors to now exteriors is the usage of metal. Metal chairs definitely hit their prime over the past few years, whether in restaurants or around the dinner table, and we are seeing elements of this extend to outside; like in pergola and patio structures, panels, water features, planters and more.

4. Artificial Grass is Greener

Want an easy to maintain outdoor living space? Many are considering artificial turf. It has been on the rise for the past few years due to it’s low maintenance, cost effectiveness and durability. It also gets bonus points for being environmentally conscious. Check out our other blog with more info about this here.

5. Take it Outside

Open concept interiors have been popular for years, but a general rule of thumb has always been to keep it open but have the spaces defined for what their purpose is. We are now seeing the same outside. We are seeing areas for outdoor kitchens, working, relaxing etc becoming bigger and better. So you really spend a bigger chunk of time outside than you may have realized.

6. Sustainable Water Features

A general rule of thumb is to start with what you have and what nature gives you; like using a rainwater tank to fill your water features or having your ponds hydrate your lawn and garden areas. Smart, strategic and sustainable.

7. Green Pavers

Permeable pavers are a great way to keep the elements like water, ice and snow under control. Think form and function. Sometimes they are even eligible for tax incentives, making them even more appealing and cost effective.

8. Xeriscaping Native Landscaping

Xeri what you may ask? Xeriscaping is a way to design your outdoor space to decrease or remove the need for irrigation. This is another sustainable trend. This is done by strategically choosing native plants that will work well with your local environment, plus need less water- and maintenance.

9. Patterned Pavers

A great way to bring creativity to your outdoor space is simply with the patterns done with your pavers. Say that three times fast. There are so many different directions you can go with this that fit the mood of the rest of the space and play well together, no matter what style direction you go.

10. Day to Night

The best outdoor living spaces bridge the gap between day to night. Multitasking is where it is at. By day your kitchen can have a smoothie bar, but by night, hello cocktails! IE areas that have an umbrella for day but fireside spots for night, or spots built for sunbathing by day and outdoor movie viewing by night. Make sure to have the storage so your space goes the distance and makes the transition.