Artificial grass has hit the outdoor living industry by storm and we know why. Turf can be easily installed and give you grassy areas for your patio, deck or pool. It isn’t for everybody but here are some of its selling points so you can decide if it might be an option for you.

Our Top Ten

Reason #1.

It looks good year round.

Reason #2.

It goes the distance and stands up nicely even with high-traffic.

Reason #3.

You can’t kill it. It never needs water.

Reason #4.

Since it isn’t living that means you don’t have to worry about spraying it for weeds, thus making it chemical free!

Reason #5.

It helps keep concrete, brick or stone patios near it cool.

Reason #6.

It’s not slippery when wet so it’s great for kids and pets.

Reason #7.

Much friendlier to bare feet than typical hardscape surfaces.

Reason #8.

Drains quickly and dries fast which is helpful with snow and rain.

Reason #9.

Fall friendly for the wee ones.

Reason #10.

No muss no fuss. It’s a low maintenance option.

To summarize, it’s a perpetually green lawn, neatly trimmed, free of flaws. Minus the maintenance, chemicals and pesticides, and the water consumes each year it is definitely a no brainer for some. Got any questions about whether this might be a fit for you? Please reach out, we’d be happy to help.