We’ve been doing Central PA landscape maintenance and Fall clean ups since 1979 so we know what is important. Timing is everything when it comes to your landscaping. Here are the top mistakes we see people making when the weather starts getting cold and what to do instead. 

Fall Clean Up Mistake #1: Leaving the Leaves

Fallen leaves can wreak havoc on your lawn. Any areas that have a larger accumulation of leaves can mat what is under them, and matting means greater susceptibility to dying off. No one wants a patchy lawn come Spring. These areas can also become a haven for backyard pests that you definitely don’t want to attract. These pests such as rodents and ticks can also get into the foundation of your home.

Keep it clean and not only will everything look neater in the short term but other services you might be performing like aeration or overseeding will be easier as well.

Fall Clean Up Mistake #2 Not Mulching

People always associate mulching with the Spring, but we recommend mulching in the Fall as well. It helps your space look tidier and provides an extra layer of protection during inclement weather. Add it before the temperatures start dropping and you’ll be glad you did.

Fall Clean Up Mistake #3 Overlooking Perennials and Ornamental Grasses

Don’t forget to trim your perennials and ornamental grasses. While they are low maintenance and may look like they are thriving they may take a hit when the weather starts dipping. If you trim them now they will be less likely to brown out, break and blow around your yard, or accumulate snow pile ups. Plus, new growth can emerge more easily when Spring comes.

Fall Landscaping Mistake #4: Incorrect Pruning

Tread carefully with pruning, especially with shrubs. For example, these are spring flowering shrubs, and only have a four to six-week window of opportunity when trimming is a good idea (post flowering in the Spring). After that they are just growing new buds for the next season and those you definitely don’t want to take off.

Fall Landscaping Mistake #5: Overwatering

We all know watering is key to growing a lush lawn, but on the flip side did you know overwatering can trigger grass decline and poor root development? We suggest about 1 to 1.5 inches of water a week, depending on soil conditions and the weather. Water for around 30 minutes for it to really soak in. Bonus points for getting an oscillating watering sprinkler to make things easy for you.

Fall Landscaping Mistake #6: Mowing with Dull Blades

No one likes removing their lawn mower blades ( that’s a fact) however using dull blades can really do a number on your lawn. Dull blades leave jagged edges and those jagged edges will probably turn brown. If you feel like the glade is dragging, get a tool sharpener to help you sharpen your blades until you are back into easily gliding. Just like you wouldn’t want someone using a dull scissors or blade on your hair…you get the idea.

Stay tuned for our Fall Landscaping Tips Part II with even more suggestions coming your way.