You’ve pulled out all the stops to make your house and outdoor living space look first-class. So why let that hard work disappear at nightfall? A simple flick of a switch and some strategically placed landscape lights, can reverse the gloom and put it all on display. Done right, outdoor lighting can make your yard look as beautiful at night as it does during the day. Here are our top three outdoor areas many homeowners overlook that often need more lighting.

A Grand Entrance

Lighting up your entryway and front yard has the benefits of both beauty and safety.  Lead guests to the front door with path lights set along the walkway.  And ensure safe footing on steps between outdoor living areas by building lights into the risers. Strategically placed lighting can welcome visitors to the front door and adequately illuminate stairs or other potential hazards.  It’s easy to find fixtures that match your homes architectural style and always avoid placing the lights all in a straight line, which creates a runway effect.

Give Your Yard Focus

Add drama to your front yard by spotlighting a tree or other backyard focal point. Uplighting provided by spotlights accentuates the texture of tree trunks or creates an alluring effect on a statue. Spotlighting is best placed at various angles and distances. A single bright light shining directly on the object will create harsh shadows. And always make sure you position spotlights to focus their beams away from windows or neighbors.

Splash Lighting

Lighting up your pools and water features can give your outdoor space a whole new take on luminosity. Adding submerged lighting to a pond creates lovely, luminous light that shows off fish and plants after dark. Illuminating water features from the outside can create a dramatic effect. Lighting a swimming pool is necessary for safety, utility, and beauty. The first duty with lighting a pool is to keep people from literally falling into the water. Some basic lighting around the pool area should do the trick. But the right lighting around a pool can make it especially attractive at night.

Think of all your favorite outdoor pursuits that make you happy during the day, from entertaining on the patio to strolling through the garden. They can all be achieved through outdoor lighting. Read in detail about our suggested outdoor lighting options here. The designers at PA Landscape Group, Inc. take into consideration your backyards size and family’s needs. We offer expert opinions on the different options and lighting features that would benefit your from dusk to dawn.