One of the great joys of owning a home is having the space to entertain. That’s why many home owners dream of having the ultimate outdoor space. They picture themselves putting in a dining table, a barbecue, and maybe some raised flower beds. But why stop there? Recent trends show that to many homeowners, outdoor living means more than just setting up a grill. The ideal outdoor space now looks like an extension of your interior. As far as we are concerned the sky is the limit when it comes to outdoor living. And this is the ultimate list of outdoor features that you will want for your backyard.

Making Room(s)

Even a small space can be made to feel bigger by designing the project around a number of outdoor rooms. In a large space, distinct areas for cooking, eating and relaxing can be separated by adding a contrasting pavers or vertical elements like steps, low walls and pillars. Creating “rooms” can make a small space feel bigger and a bigger space feel intimate and welcoming.

Complete Customization

As more and more homeowners entertain outdoors and make the most of time spent outside, landscapes have become extensions of interior spaces, complete with furniture and appliances. Beyond basic decks and patios, more landscapes are being transformed into full-service kitchens with brick ovens and grills, comfortable living and dining rooms featuring fireplaces and fire pits, and romantic canopy bedrooms. Themed spaces, such as yoga gardens or even art studios, further personalize outdoor retreats to fit homeowners’ interests.

High-tech Landscapes

A natural extension of the outdoor living trend is equipping these landscapes with creative and functional lighting and technological enhancements. Everything from dramatic and boldly colored lights to soft twinkling accent lighting along walkways can provide an elegant ambience. But don’t stop there, backyard Wi-Fi and audio/video installations are a must. For the ultimate entertainment space, consider outdoor speakers that can be used to play music or be hooked up to an outdoor screen for your whole party to enjoy movies.

Keep It Warm

Outdoor fireplaces or other fire features allow you to extend the outdoor season. But to really keep things cozy we recommend sleek and inconspicuous wall-mounted heaters. Wall-mounted heaters are commonly used in restaurant and bar patios but are more and more prevalent in the residential setting. Because of their sleek and off the floor design, they are a perfect choice if you want your existing outdoor space to remain the focal point of your guests. They are designed to stay out of sight and out of the way so guests and patio furniture can have more room. PA Landscape Group utilizes offerings from Bromic Heating. They offer two distinctive ranges –  Platinum Smart-Heat™ gas and electric heaters, and the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ electric, gas or portable outdoor heaters.

Staying in the Flow

When it comes to the ultimate pool and water feature design there are two things that immediately come to mind. Sometimes mistaken for an infinity pools, perimeter overflow offers an even more stunning effect. The water’s surface looks like a flat sheet of glass and appears to be perfectly contained — without walls. It’s similar to an infinity-edge pool, but with a perimeter overflow, the water overflows on all four sides. To add to the stunning beauty water can bring to a backyard, we will also mention water falls. Waterfalls can be created with a variety of different materials: natural stone slabs, boulders, or can even be integrated into a retaining wall. Though many waterfalls often connect with a pond or pool, pond-less waterfalls are just as luxurious. Whatever type of waterfall feature is used, the natural dance and flow of the water will add enjoyable sounds and movements to your outdoor space.

Our design gallery includes a wealth of other outdoor living features and projects we have completed. If you are not sure where to start, please give us a call. We are here to help from the start to finish of any design process.