Can you believe it’s already 2020? While we still may be waiting on our flying cars, it can’t be denied that outdoor living is certainly becoming more sophisticated. A simple deck with weatherproof chairs and a portable grill just won’t do the trick anymore. People want a comfortable spot to connect with family and friends that is like, and in many instances surpasses, the comfort of their indoor gathering spots. Want to know exactly what we mean by this? Here is everything you need to know about the next big thing in outdoor living.

The Outdoor Evolution

The life of the average American homeowner seems to get more hectic with every passing year. The home, itself, has come to represent a personal sanctuary–a welcome respite from the stresses of daily life outside the home. It’s no longer just the place where we eat dinner, watch a little TV and then rest our heads until getting on the merry-go-round again the next morning. It’s now the place where we go to enjoy life to its fullest or to tune out the rest of the world for a little while.

This evolution began in the 1990s, with the trend of in-home living and creating spaces where families could host movie nights or large parties. Following the real-estate bubble of 2008, there was a sharp increase in homeowners investing in outdoor living spaces. A place where they could enjoy a “staycation” versus spending money on travel. This trend continued to develop to the point where outdoor kitchens practically became standard for custom new home construction. As the outdoor living trend continued to evolve, we gradually saw more sophisticated thought going into outdoor design, creating spaces intended to be a true extension of the interior home instead of a mere afterthought.

It’s All About Tech

The bounty of technology we’ve experienced over the last few decades has diminished the line between work and home. Many people now work remotely, whether occasionally or full-time, and want a comfortable place to both work and relax. The traditional home office is also becoming a thing of the past. Although there will always be a dedicated indoor workspaces, outdoor spaces are emerging as change in scenery for the work-at-home crowd. This has created a need for WiFi connectivity and other technology. Not to mention comfortable seating, tabletop or bar top workspace, adequate lighting, and charging outlets in the outdoor space.

But we can’t forget about when the workday ends. Imagine floating in the pool and watching TV at the same time. The latest in TV technology lets you set up the screen by the pool for movie night or out on the deck for the big game. A typical TV would never survive outside. Outdoor TVs are completely weatherproof, so you can leave them outside all year long. The weather-tight exterior seals all of the internal components and ports from the elements, including rain, snow, heat, dust, excess humidity, and insects. They come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted onto virtually any surface and you get to decide how big you want this incredible TV to be and where you want it to go. Imagine yourself watching a football game while you’re in the hot tub or enjoying a cocktail on your outdoor patio while watching a movie.

In the same vein of relaxation, outdoor audio can help increase the atmosphere of your outdoor living space. The speakers are incorporated into your landscape so you don’t even notice they are there, but you can sure hear the difference. Our systems are water, UV and corrosion resistant and built to last. Due to our superior cabling, superior transmission of sound and power is delivered to every component in the system which gives the best sound quality possible. We offer a complete design service to make sure the right combination of audio products is specified for your yard. Get the perfect system for your needs. Worried about background noises? Don’t be. The outdoors is wide open and can contain background noises like wind, traffic, or barking dogs. Our expert installation will perfectly place speakers, so you don’t have to crank up the volume. A higher volume could result in uncomfortably loud music in parts of your listening area.

So, are you ready to give your outdoor space an evolution this year? We don’t blame you. Trust the award-winning leader in the design/build industry to help you make your audio and visual dreams come true. Our electronic and speaker technology comes from the professional sound reinforcement market where durability and reliability are paramount. Our partner company provides the same quality in their TV, projection, and screen installations. Get more information and reach out to us here.