Our winter chores are long done and soon the snow will be just a memory. It’s time to rake up those leaves and get back in the Spring of things! Spring cleaning will be a breeze with this handy guide to remind you of all of those easy to forget areas. To have the best-looking yard in the spring, it’s important to start early. Here’s PA Landscape Group’s essential guide for outdoor prep in spring.

Last Call for Dormant Pruning!

Pruning just before spring or during early spring provides the best results for your trees and shrubs. Dormant pruning improves your trees’ health and removes dangerous limbs, as well as helps to shape it into a more attractive shape. Pruning your bushes can help revitalize them in spring and keeps their size and shape under control which is important for keeping up your curb appeal.

Pick Your Spring Plants

Another important step to prepare for spring is to decide what to plant! Consider the characteristics of your yard, such as soil type, sun and shade patterns, the direction of winds and access to water or irrigation. But you also want to consider aesthetics. Plants that attract your gaze and can add color to your outdoor space are ideal.

Give Your Mulch a Refresh

Mulching improves plant health by helping to control moisture absorption by the plants and by preventing weeds. Mulch helps moisture control by absorbing water from heavy rains and releasing it over time. Mulch prevents weeds from growing by keeping them covered and weighted down. Before you apply a new mulch, be sure to remove the old.

And it’s a good idea to wait for your plants to sprout up, that way you know where they are and don’t accidentally cover them and prevent them from growing.

Consider Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizing gives your grass nutrients to grow strong and healthy. You should fertilize shortly after or before a light rain if you can. You can also apply pre-emergent herbicide at the same time. Pre-emergent herbicide prevents weeds, but be careful, it works by stopping all seeds from developing, which includes grass seed. So, don’t apply pre-emergent herbicide if you’re seeding your grass, and be careful about spreading it around your flower beds or other landscaped areas.

When it comes to spring yard prep, many homeowners don’t have time to fiddle with fussy plants or deadhead blooms. And we get that. That is why we offer landscape maintenance services. We want homeowners to enjoy their landscapes, not dread them. Check out all of the general maintenance services we offer.

Want a real deal? Our Total Property Maintenance Package will ensure your landscape is maintained properly each season without the need for you to make another call. All of the services listed above are included in Total Property Maintenance and will be done at the proper time for the best results!