We love Do-It-Yourselfers in fact, our Pinterest account is chock-full of landscaping ideas! But while it’s fun to get inspired by scrolling through your Pinterest feed, you have to keep in mind the time, money, and resources that go into a seemingly simple photo. Some of those wonderful landscape designs are best left to professionals. So, before you break out the hedge clippers and spades, take a gander at 5 of the biggest DIY landscaping mistakes.

Planting in All the Wrong Places

Remember that trees and shrubs grow! Where you plant them matters, a lot. Planting too close together will overcrowd your plants. And planting too close to your house or another structure can cause costly damage. Overhanging limbs from a tree can damage a roof and spreading roots might damage the foundation. Placing shrubs too close to the house can result in them growing into the windows and siding.

Picking the Wrong Plants

That gorgeous hedge you pinned, may not be as gorgeous in your yard. This is because temperature, humidity, rain, wind, and sunlight effect plant growth Plants must be able to survive the average high and average low temperatures for the region. Still, use the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to choose plants that are right for your Harrisburg home, keeping in mind that microclimates within your yard can also exist.

Make Short Work of Your Grass

Mowing your lawn is not just about keeping up appearances–it’s about grass health, too. When you adjust your lawnmower to a shorter setting, you’re robbing your lawn of its ability to produce sugar from photosynthesis, exposing sensitive root systems to excess sunlight, and allowing weeds to capture more sunlight and grow themselves.

Only Considering the Daytime

If you are going through all the effort of landscaping, you may as well enjoy it in the evening, too! Adding thoughtful outdoor lighting improves night visibility, adds ambiance, and highlights important garden features. Notice which areas you can see from the house or the street, and which ones you like to spend time in after dark.

Forgetting About Maintenance

When you don’t plan for landscape maintenance and all of the efforts it may take to keep it looking pristine, it could completely waste your time and efforts of creating a landscaping plot in the first place. Lawn and landscapes are not a one-and-done sort of thing. They need to be taken care of. Weeds need to be pulled, and fertilizer needs to be applied. Luckily, we can help with that.

Getting a landscape professional onboard could save you hours of wasted time and money. A landscape designer will make the best use of the areas you have and create plans for garden layouts, entertaining areas, water features, and more. We know hiring a landscaping professional can be intimidating, but we make the process as easy as possible. If you are thinking of a yard upgrade, reach out to us.