If you’re like us, this cold weather has you summer dreaming. We cannot wait for the lush foliage and bright green grass of the warmer months. We especially can’t wait for pool season! If you haven’t taken the plunge into pool ownership yet, we highly recommend it. A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard amenity. It’s the center of family life with children spending much of their summers in the water. And the first place to start when dreaming of a summer pool is design. Here are our favorite pool designs.

Perimeter Overflow

Sometimes mistaken for infinity pools, perimeter overflow offers a stunning effect. The water’s surface looks like a flat sheet of glass and appears to be perfectly contained — without walls. In perimeter overflow, the pool water overflows its edges and flows into a hidden slot or catch basin where it’s then recycled back into the pool. It’s similar to an infinity-edge pool, but with a perimeter overflow, the water overflows on all four sides.

Single Depth

Single depth is a design feature that will make your pool more kid-friendly. A single depth pool creates a more play-friendly pool environment. No one wants to spend the majority of their pool time treading water while playing water basketball or other games. Deep ends take up a lot of space and can make water games more difficult. When you want to have fun with recreational activities in the pool, it is best to keep your feet on the pool floor. Consider opting for a single depth if family fun and recreation are high on your list of priorities.

Lap Pools

A lap pool is a swimming pool primarily built and used for fitness and health purposes. Lap pools are long and narrow, and ideally at least 45 feet in length (or width, depending on where you’re standing). Typically, lap pools are a rectangular shape. They are a good solution for narrow or shallow residential lots in which the homeowner desires a swimming pool to get frequent exercise in the privacy of their backyard.


The sound of water rushing over any surface and spilling into a pool below captures everyone’s attention and sends their imaginations soaring. Transport to a jungle or beneath a cliff every time you head to the pool with your miniature version of one or more waterfalls in your design. You don’t need a lot of room, either, making it a great choice for modern pool designs for small yards.

A backyard pool can be an undeniable enhancement to your backyard. It can completely transform your home and give you a place to relax during a long, hot, summer’s day. We love being creative and outfitting your space with features that speak directly to your tastes. PA Landscape Group is dedicated to you, loving the home and backyard you’re in.