Light up your Night with Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking to:

  • Highlight your landscape
  • Extend the hours you can enjoy your outdoor living space
  • Provide extra security

If so, we can help!

Low voltage lighting adds another dimension to your landscape – the ability to enjoy your plant material and outdoor spaces in the evening hours from both inside and outside. The first step is to design a system that hi-lights your landscape, accentuates its features, while providing security. Landscape lighting should not look like an airport runway!

There are more and more options of high quality fixtures, and options in the required transformer. The latest technology can change your lighting as the evening wears on, dimming some lights, making others brighter, turning others off, thereby creating different scenes. There is even an option to change light colors for holiday themes!

These systems are hands off on your end.

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All About LED Lights

LED lights are the latest rage, and there have been a lot of advances in technology.

Here are a few benefits of LED lights:

  • Same light quality as incandescent lights
  • Power requirement is lower
  • Transformers can be smaller
  • They last an incredibly long time, which equals cost savings

With a Lighting Package, Extend your Daytime Hours by:

Extra hours a day

Extra Hours a Month

Extra Hours a Year

Here is an example of an annual lighting maintenance package:

At Transformer

  • All lugs in panel will be tightened
  • Clean out debris from insects and blow out dust/dirt
  • Check programming for photo cell and timer
  • Change batteries in timer

At Fixtures

  • Adjust angle of bullet lights
  • Straighten path lights
  • Test voltage at several fixture locations
  • Prune surrounding plant material and move fixtures away from growing plant material, if needed
  • Clean debris from fixture housings, clean outside of fixture
  • Clean lenses on fixtures

At Marked Splice Locations

  • Check for water proof connections
  • Repair splices, as needed

For Entire System

  • Check amperage draw for transformer
  • Check amperage draw for individual runs
  • Trouble shoot as needed
  • Replace burned out bulbs

How Can We Help?

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