What are hardscapes and hardscaping?

For us, hardscape design and hardscaping is the expert integration of a variety of materials such as stone, pavers, and wall block into something aesthetically pleasing. Patios, paver driveways, walkways and walls are designed and installed not only for function, but fashion as well.

New Builds:

It starts with the design process. Please click here to go to our Project Management page.

Once designed, we install for the long term. We have ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) certified paver installers, and NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association) certified Segmental Retaining wall installers. Their standards insure we do it right the first time. The real work is in what you don’t see – the proper excavation, sub base, base, and drainage.

Because of our quality and attention to detail, we are Authorized Installer Contractors for several Paver and Wall manufacturing companies, including Techo-Bloc, Unilock, and Belgard.

Hardscape Maintenance:

For all your Cleaning, Sanding, and Sealing needs.

PA Landscape Group has teamed up with Techniseal to offer our customers a full line of paver cleaners and sealers through Techniseal’s Certified Applicator Program. With this partnership we are able to provide 25 plus years of paver installation, joint stabilization and sealing experience. Techniseal products are not new to PA Landscape Group, we have been using their product line of polymeric sands and sealers for 13 plus years.

Whether new construction or an update to your old landscaping, PA Landscape Group Inc. can turn your dreams into a reality.


We Carry the Following Authorized Retailers

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Why Clean & Protect Pavers

  • Enhanced aesthetics of pavers. Sealing pavers enhances paver color and adds contrast.
  • Protection for your investment. Sealing pavers adds an additional layer of protection for your pavers.
  • Protection from staining. Sealing will help to limit the effects of staining substances like food, grease, rubber marks, etc.

Wondering what most people get with their hardscaping project? Check out the stats below!

  • Pavers/walkway 95% 95%
  • Planting 80% 80%
  • Lighting 60% 60%
  • Fence 30% 30%
  • Kitchen 20% 20%
  • Structures, pavilions, pergolas 20% 20%
  • Pools 10% 10%
  • Audio 5% 5%

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Why not seal right away?

Polymeric sand needs to cure and pavers need to age to limit efflorescence problems.

What is the expected life of sand joints in new paving surfaces?

Depending on site conditions, 3-5 years can be expected.

How often will I need to reseal?

Depending on site conditions, every 3-5 years.

What should I expect from my old pavers when newly cleaned?

Paver color will be brightened and some aggregate in pavers may be exposed when debris is removed.

Will sealing prevent moss and mildew?

Sealing, along with routine annual maintenance, will slow down and limit moss and mildew build up, but not eliminate moss or mildew.

What is the best time to clean and seal?

Cleaning and sealing is best done in warmer temperatures to allow for adequate drying, summer months of June-September are best.

Will sealing make my pavers slippery?

There are two main types of sealers, film forming and penetrating, and each have their specific applications. As a general rule, where slip hazards are a concern, penetrating sealers are applied.

Joint and Sealing Options:

New Paver Option

(For pavers installed within past 3-4 years)

  • Starts with installation of Techniseal RG+ or HP2 polymeric sand at paver installation followed by at least 15 days curing period for sand joint and 90 day paver aging period.

  • If needed stains will be removed with appropriate product.
  • Pavers will be primed with Paver Primer of Efflorescence Cleaner.
  • Application of appropriate Techniseal Protector which PA Landscape Group Inc. will work with customer to select and sample.

Older Paver Installations

(For pavers installed over fiver years ago)

  • Polymeric sand is removed from paver joint to depth of approximately 1.5″ with pressure washer. This process also cleans dirt and debris from the surface of pavers, brightening them up.
  • After appropriate drying time (24 to 48 hours) Techniseal RG+ or HP2 polymeric sand will be installed and allowed to cure for 15 days.
  • Pavers will be primed with Paver Primer or Efflorescence Cleaner.
  • Application of appropriate Techniseal Protector which PA Landscape Group Inc. will work with customer to select and sample.
  • PA Landscape does not warranty new polymeric sand joint.

Annual Paver Maintenance

(1-2 times yearly)

  • Apply Techniseal Hardscape Cleaner to pavers.
  • Scrub solution onto pavers with stiff bristle broom.
  • Rinse with light pressure from hose.


The combination of sealing and routine cleaning of pavers and sand joints will help to prevent discoloration from moss, mildew and other organic stains protecting your paver investment. 

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