The past few years haven’t been easy on anyone and now more than ever it is key to focus on self care. Now you may think this means a massage or a vacation and it certainly could, but creating some areas at home (especially outdoors) is even better because you have access to it anytime you want.

Engaging in a self-care routine can be helpful with reducing anxiety and depression, decreasing stress, helping with concentration, minimizing frustration and anger, improving happiness and creating a more vibrant life overall. Believe it or not, your outdoor space can help with that in both big and small ways.

Big Ways

Making an investment in your well being isn’t always cheap, but with people spending more time at home now than ever, it may be time to add that element you’ve always wanted like below.

  • Pool
  • Fire feature
  • Outside kitchen
  • Outdoor TV
  • Pergola or pavilion

Start planning what you are thinking and contact your local company or us to get on the schedule. Lead times these days can be long! Get some inspiration here.

Small Ways

There are small ways to create more zen as well. Here are some elements that are inexpensive and more helpful than you may think.

  • Comfy blankets
  • Candles (Lots of candles)
  • Meditation area (May we suggest a hourglass sand timer here too)
  • Better furniture
  • Water element
  • Outdoor speakers for music
  • Best relaxation playlists (Search for “Lazy Sunday” or “Relax & Unwind” on Spotify)
  • Hydration station (A table top spa water glass carafe complete with fruits)

Never underestimate the impact that these big and small ways can have on your family.