There is nothing like a dip in the pool during the warm summer months. Just picture diving into a beautiful pool and letting the summer sun sprinkle its happy rays down on you. Don’t have one? Well, we highly recommend them. There’s nothing better than enjoying a summer in the comfort of your own home and resort-worthy pool and outdoor landscape. But, before that happens your pool needs to wake-up from its long winters rest and be properly cleaned.

Spring is already here and that means you’re just a few months away from all that summer-loving fun in your pool. Don’t be the only one on the block who hasn’t opened their pool because you forgot to clean and prepare it. Opening your backyard swimming pool for the season takes more than filling it up and jumping in. Here are some quick and helpful tips to get your pool in the best shape this pool season.

Jump in Early

Spring is the perfect time to get your pool ready as the weather is cooler and you won’t be spending a hot summer day sweating it out getting it ready. Another important reason to start early is that it helps stunt algae growth. Algae loves to grow in warm and dark places, so removing that cover early helps keep your water clearer and cleaning easier. Plus, cleaning your pool earlier means it will be ready in case you get an early summer.

Make Sure all Equipment is Working

One of the first things you want to do is check your pool’s filtration equipment. A clean pool filter is key to making sure your pool doesn’t look like the Jolly Green Giant just took a bath in it. Check for any leaks by searching the ground below the filter and for any puddles or wet spots. Make sure your heater is clean and leak free too. You don’t want it shutting down and lose valuable swimming days.

Have the Essential Pool Cleaning Tools

After months of inactivity, don’t be surprised to find some leaves and other debris floating in your pool when you go to clean it. A great tool to use to clean the surface is a skimmer. The net attached to the telescoping backyard inground pool after being cleaned pole is great to get all the floating leaves, debris and bugs. You may also use an automatic or manual vacuum, which is the most convenient way to clean. The vacuum will suck up all the leaves and debris and run them to the pool’s filtration system.

Have a Pro Test Your Water

Unless you are a chemist, we recommend having the water professionally tested. Take a water sample to a swimming pool store and they’ll test the water for you, usually for free. The test usually covers the mineral content of the water, along with the total alkalinity and the pH and the chlorine levels. This will help you know what needs to be adjusted and by how much. You will need to know how many gallons of water your pool holds.

So now all you have to do is pick a nice spring day, open up the pool and enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you accomplished a chore that will set you up for the rest of the summer. If a swimming pool is opened properly, you can be assured that the health of the swimmers and the pool will be set for the swimming season. If the only thing you are missing for a summer ready pool is an actual pool, contact us. Our design experts can help you create the pool worthy outdoor retreat of your dreams. Check out our galleries page for some inspirational summer retreats.