Fire features are not only wonderful to have around to wow guests, but are meant for being enjoyed on your own time as well.  Gather the family around the fire for s’mores or enjoy the romantic ambiance that a fire offers after the kids go to bed.  Sip a glass of your favorite wine, while unwinding after a long day and feel your stress slipping away. Gone are the days of a couple of stones thrown in a haphazard circle and completed with some logs hauled from the winter wood pile.  Fire features are campfires for grown-ups, designed to not only raise your property values but to enhance your next event or gathering with some firelight. And here are our favorite fireside retreats that will do just that.

The Popular Pits

The most popular type of outdoor fire feature is undoubtedly the classic fire pit. Fire pits come in just about any shape, size, and style you can imagine. Of course, you can take the campfire look to a new level with high-end building materials. Rare and exotic stones maintain the classic look while giving it an air of elegance.

Bowl You Away

The differences between a fire pit and a fire bowl are minor, yet they’re large enough to classify each feature individually. Fire pits are generally built into the ground or with a ring around an above-ground area, a bowl is an above ground bowl on legs or pedestals that a fire is built inside. The easiest way to picture it is like a bird bath. Except instead of water, you build a fire in it. Like pits, the style of fire bowls is highly variable. Numerous designs are available, from traditional or rustic to contemporary or modern. An equally large range of choices is available for fuel type. While some bowls burn wood, the majority are powered by propane or natural gas.

Pillars of Outdoor Living

A fire column is another unique outdoor fire feature that combines the best characteristics of pits and bowls into a stylish package. As the name implies, this feature is simply a pillar with space at the top for a fire. Similar to bowls, most columns aren’t wood burning. They’re powered by propane or natural gas instead. A fire column is very similar to a bowl. The only real difference is the shape. Columns have the additional benefit of a slim design. Unlike pits and bowls, columns are designed for heating and style only. So they’re not the best option for toasting a marshmallow or cooking up a campfire meal.

A Whole Table…of Fire

One of the most distinctive types of outdoor fire features is undoubtedly a fire table. These specially designed tables are created with both function and fashion in mind. They’re completely usable as a table while also providing the heating benefits of a fire feature. The center of these tables contains a small fire, usually gas powered or electric. The small fire provides plenty of warmth while the table around it is a great place to set items. You have a lot of different options when it comes to fire tables. They range from end tables to coffee tables to dining tables to bar tables. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this style of table is its form. The fire at the center of the table is a focal point which draws in everyone’s eyes. A fire table is a perfect way to blend fashion and function in your outdoor entertainment area.

Traditional and Timeless

An outdoor fireplace is right for you if you want the open flame of a fire pit and the utmost in safety and tidiness. Very similar to an indoor fireplace, the main difference between the outdoor and indoor variety is simply the location. In addition to its outdoor location, an outdoor fireplace must also be weather resistant. Even those built underneath a covered patio area should be designed to withstand wide-ranging temperature variation as well as exposure to extreme elements like rain and snow. Styles of outdoor fireplaces vary greatly. Styles range from clean, sleek, and simple to ornate and embossed to simple and traditional.

If these ideas have left you with a burning desire to add one to your outdoor living space please give us a call. For even more hot inspiration check out our design gallery.