Did your New Year’s resolutions include spending more time outdoors? How about prioritizing time with your family? Or maybe you resolved to move to a new home and you want to make improvements on your current home in preparation for a sale? Focusing on improving your outdoor living space is one way of fulfilling all of these resolutions and more. What’s best for your space? Check out the suggestions below for inspiration.

Outdoor Kitchen

Pizza ovens, fridges, kegerators, and supersized gas ranges are some of the options you could choose for an outdoor kitchen that will revolutionize the way you cook all summer long. We can design and install everything including the kitchen sink. In a year when your favorite sports bar might be closed, you can create your own backyard bar complete with a big-screen TV or two.

Hanging Planters

Small design elements are a fantastic way to embrace trends while keeping the main elements of your outdoor space timeless. Hanging baskets and planters are having a major design moment and for good reason. The right hanging pot in the right place can add height, texture, and dimension to your outdoor space. Macrame hanging planters, once seen as retro, are especially on-trend at the moment.


Is it time for a paving refresh? Whether you have got a rustic stone walkway on your mind or want to replace your worn out brick, our designers are ready to share their knowledge on what materials would work best for you.

Pollinator Gardens

Devoting space in your yard, whether small or yard, to native plants can make your backyard a hotspot for butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators while providing natural beauty. If you have vegetable gardens, attracting pollinators can increase your bounty. Friendly pollinators can help to eradicate nuisance bugs in your yard, too.


All of these projects can add functionality and beauty to your backyard, but without proper lighting, you won’t get to enjoy them nearly as much as you could. Carefully placed lighting will not only extend the time you can spend outside into the evening but can beautifully highlight landscaping features. Every lighting setup we do is customized to your particular space.

Reach out to us here to see how you can take advantage of your outdoor space this year. Add some of these fun and beautiful upgrades to turn your outdoor living space into your 2021 escape.