Winter is coming to an end, and beautiful spring days are right around the corner. After being kept inside from the cold all winter, we all want to go back outside and enjoy our backyard as soon as possible! Outdoor lighting is all about that. Outdoor lighting has a huge impact on your landscape and can elevate any yard into a beautiful space for enjoying spring evenings. Read more about how lighting can put a little spring into your yard.

String Lighting

String lights can add a little extra sparkle to your outdoor living space this season. String lights are small and easy to hang anywhere you desire and turn any corner, or outdoor nook into a cozy space to eat, drink, or relax.


Lanterns are another type of easy-to-install outdoor lighting. Incorporate them anywhere in your landscape and they can be moved easily to suite your needs. Lanterns come in many shapes and sizes and can set whatever mood you’re looking for. You can also put different lights inside the lanterns, from bright LED lights for security to dim candles for a romantic dinner.


Uplighting is often used to make a statement, as it offers more of a dramatic vibe. Uplighting is a popular lighting effect created by purposefully placing lighting fixtures on the ground and pointing them up. Thus, creating the effect of “up lighting”. Uplighting is a very effective way to dramatically improve the ambience of an outdoor space. Placing lights under trees or on the ground by a wall brightens the area and offers a sense of mystery.


Orbs and spheres create a more modern look for your backyard. The orb lighting can be hung together in groups over a patio or garden or spread out individually throughout your landscape.


In the spring you will likely want to plant beautiful and colorful flowers and plants. Why not make the planters lighting sources as well? Whether the entire pot is illuminated or it comes with small strip lights, your plants will be the center of attention in your landscape during the day and night.

Outdoor Furniture

In addition to illuminated planters, you can incorporate lighting into patio furniture! There are many pieces of furniture including couches, lamps, and small tables that illuminate and provide an interesting focal point for your backyard.

When it comes to the outdoor lighting the sun’s the limit. Go gaga and explore ideas in our design gallery.