During the warm summer weather, homeowners begin to find more excuses to spend more time outside. And our favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is to expand “indoor” living spaces to the outdoors. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home. Embracing your outdoor spaces with the same approach as your indoor decor will help you create a comfortable and cozy outdoor living space that you and your family won’t want to leave. Join us as we take a look at how to take your living space outside and explore some traditionally indoor features that are trending outdoors this summer.

Kitchens and Dining Areas

Remember when you used to prep food inside and then take it outside to grill? Those days are gone. Now homeowners are taking the whole process outside. Outdoor kitchens and dining areas are acknowledged to increase the value of your home because they expand your usable space. Some of the best outdoor kitchen designs we’ve seen incorporate open-air patio or pavilion structures to protect their outdoor cooking refuge. Covered kitchens have the benefits of surrounding you with the great outdoors, but still protect the space from rain, sleet, and snow.

Living Rooms

Your backyard can make a wonderful living area. One of the latest trends is to incorporate features that permit you to entertain outside all year long. Pergola, a covered patio, or a pavilion can provide shade and protection from rain or provide shade in the bright summer sun. Adding a fire feature can also greatly extend your time outdoors. Stone or brick fireplaces and fire pits are all warm choices. But to really bring the indoors outside, incorporate TVs into your outdoor living space. You can watch the game with friends or enjoy your own version of a much more comfortable drive-in movie. If you choose a smart TV, you can even work or stream your favorite shows outside.


Who wouldn’t want to sleep outside and wake up to the birds chirping? Indoor-outdoor bedrooms are a becoming a trending way to get back to nature and get a good night’s sleep without the hassle of camping out. Enclosed rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows make indoor-outdoor bedrooms possible. But even if you don’t have an enclosed space, you can still incorporate the style into your outdoor living space by enclosing a patio or porch and adding all of your slumber necessities. If you don’t want to bring the bed outside, you can hang a swinging bed (think futon-swing) or a hammock.

Finishing Touches

Aside from adding “rooms” to your outdoor living space, there are several small touches that give the outside the feel of the great indoors. Add a touch of glamour to an outdoor space by hanging chandeliers from tree branches—a very whimsical lighting element. One of the coziest areas of a home is near the fireplace—so we’re big fans of spaces that feature outdoor fireplaces. And one of the biggest transformations to comfy and cozy retreat comes with the addition of textiles. Curtains will create a dreamy atmosphere, as well as frame the view, screen for privacy and protect from wind, harsh sunlight and heat. Outdoor rugs, pillows, and comfy seating all lend to a come-relax-here look.

Our design gallery includes a wealth of other outdoor living features and projects that reflect the indoor spaces we love to live in. If you are not sure where to start, please give us a call. We are here to help from the start to finish of any design process.