Including a water feature in your landscape design is a growing trend amongst businesses and homeowners. There are a host of reasons why people are drawn to water, for one it helps to create a tranquil ambiance with its natural bubbling and fluid resonance and sunlit reflections. There are just as many choices of water features are there as reasons to have them. With so many options to choose from, it is helpful to recognize some of the basic categories of water features:


Ponds offer a serene retreat to a yard. They often require ample space so work well in larger yards. Ponds may include fish, like koi or gold fish, or aquatic plants. These water gardens often contain one of the most popular and timeless plants, water lilies. If something more modern is desired, a reflecting pool gives an artistic edge to the vivid and glassy surface of water.


Streams are an ideal addition to a meandering path or walkway. They can act as a natural filter and are often designed to flow naturally into a pond or waterfall. They offer a sustainable benefit to the overall ecosystem of a water feature.


Waterfalls can be created with a variety of different materials: natural stone slabs, boulders, or can even be integrated into a retaining wall. Though many water falls often connect with a pond or pool, pond-less waterfalls are just as popular. Whatever type of waterfall feature is used, the natural dance and flow of the water will add enjoyable sounds and movements to your outdoor space.


No matter your space, a fountain is one of the most perfect ways to incorporate the splashing and tumbling of water. There is nearly a limitless variety of shapes, sizes, and materials available. It is easy to find a fountain that will seamlessly combine into your overall outdoor living aesthetic. Bubbling rock fountains work well in country, traditional, or Japanese style gardens. While column fountains might be found in modern and southwest-like designs.

Our design gallery includes a wealth of water feature ideas and projects we have completed. If you are not sure where to start, please give us a call. We are here to help from the start to finish of any design process.