We understand there are some misconceptions about landscape maintenance. And it’s no wonder when there are so many companies and levels of service, especially in our area. Landscape maintenance is a relatively easy business to start, little-Joey next door included. But we’d like to dispel some of the falsehoods about professional landscape maintenance and design. Let’s review some common expectations homeowners have before they hire a landscape maintenance company.

Expectation: Landscape Maintenance is Expensive

Reality: Landscape maintenance and design services can be expensive if you have a huge yard and want the most extravagant design for your yard. However, in most cases, they’re not going to be as expensive as you might think. The cost will depend on a lot of different factors, so it’s at least worth getting an estimate before deciding.

Expectation: They Pick Out Everything for Your Yard

Reality: Your landscaper doesn’t have to live with the yard, you do. They want you to be happy with how your landscape looks when they’re done. While they can make all of the choices for you, they don’t have to. You can make the choices for what you want in your yard and they’ll help you make sure everything looks fantastic together.

Expectation: I Don’t Really Need Them, I Can Do It Myself

Reality: Of course, you can design your own landscape. However, there are issues you might not know about that could make a huge difference in how your outdoor space will look in the end. Experienced designers know what to look out for to make sure an area of the yard won’t flood when it rains, or flowers will get the right amount of light they need to look amazing. They also know which plants to use to minimize water usage in the yard or how to ensure upkeep is kept to a minimum for you.

Expectation: They May Give You a Cookie-Cutter Landscape

Reality: If you’re in a neighborhood or area with restrictions on what you can have in your yard, your landscaper can work with that to make your home look unique yet not out of place. They won’t use the same design on your home as another home in your neighborhood unless, of course, that’s what you want. They will create a unique design for your yard to ensure it looks the way you want.

Expectation: Every Landscape Company is the Same

Reality: Like any other company, some landscape design companies provide more services than others and some have more experience that enables them to do a better job. You’ll want to choose a design company that’s going to do a fantastic job for you and that has the expertise necessary to ensure you have the yard you want for your home.

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