You’ve got style, you’ve got grace and it is time to bring that home, namely to your outside. Interior style trends can easily extend to the outside and marry the two spaces so nicely. Here are some of our favorite ideas to give your outdoor a glow up, PA Landscape Group style.

Add Some Curves

Curvy is officially in and we are here for it. Couches, chairs, accessories etc are losing their hard edges and going in a softer direction. If you are trying to add some calmness and cohesion in your outdoor space, curves are a great way to go.

Color is Back, Baby

We still like earth tones and they work great for many people but we are also thrilled to see the revival of more bright colors; especially of the green, blue and purple variety. Add a few candles, throw pillows, and blankets in these shades for a nice pop.

Creating Contrast

Along the lines of adding those pops of color above is creating contrasting moments in your colorscape. An easy way of doing this is getting a color wheel and adding some colors near the direct opposite of what you have now, thus pairing warm and cool tones together. Going green? Add some pops of terra cotta which is near the red on the other side. Got a pool? The opposite side of blue is orange. Throw in some orange throw pillows for a nice contrast.

Helpful Guide:

  • Red – Green
  • Black – White
  • Blue – Orange
  • Purple – Yellow

Bring it Outside

There isn’t much you can’t do outdoors these days and we help make that happen. Watch tv outdoors. Check. Cook outdoors. Check. Mix cocktails outdoors. Check. Work outdoors. Check. Creating these pockets in your space are achievable and are the perfect way to enjoy your outdoors even more.

Serenity Now

Some of our favorite natural textures we like to weave in spaces are woods, jutes, limestones, and rattans. Any handwoven, natural elements can work well and create relaxation through tactile moments.

Florals for Spring, and Beyond

Florals are having a big moment this year. These of course could be actual flowers in your landscape, but extend beyond to accessories like throw pillows and blankets. They soften a space nicely and go oh so well with the components above.

We hope these inside out trends are helpful! We are happy to help you navigate bringing some more life and function to your outdoor space.