The impact color can have on your Pennsylvania landscape cannot be understated. Adding color to your outdoor space is a smart way to introduce contrast to all segments of your property, brightening dark, drab areas, or balancing out overly blank spaces.  Fortunately, injecting color into your outdoor living spaces doesn’t have to be a difficult task. We are here to help you think like professional landscape designers and achieve a colorful landscape using these five ways to add a little color to your outdoor living space

Start with… Color

First things first, you’ll want to choose your color(s). We recommend keeping it all in the family. When choosing a color scheme, consider sticking to different shades of the same hue. Or pick out colors that are complementary to each other on the color wheel, decide on a dominant color, a secondary color, and an accent color. Then select your flowers, furniture cushions, pillows and other accessories accordingly.

Think Furniture

Furniture boosts the functionality of any outdoor living space, so why not use it to introduce visual interest, as well? Adding color to your landscape is easy with outdoor furniture accents. Vibrantly hued cushions, tinted patio tables, lively wicker chairs, and colorful, weather-proof sofas all contribute to the appeal of an outdoor space. Incorporating fresh style into your landscape doesn’t have to require a whole new furniture set. Work with existing elements by adding accent pillows or reupholstering a favorite outdoor couch.

Don’t Forget Flowers

One time-tested way to add color to your landscape? Naturally ‘paint’ your yard with an array of flowering plants. Take a walk around your local nursery’s annuals section and observe which varieties immediately grab your attention. Annuals allow you to play around with a diverse selection of colors, shapes, and textures year to year, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Include blooming plants around your home’s foundation, atop retaining walls, and among planting beds throughout your landscape.

And Some Add-Ons

One of the easiest ways to create a more colorful garden is to incorporate planting containers in shades of blue, magenta, orange, purple or even red. This is an opportunity to create a striking color variation. You can also use colorful landscape accents. Garden art can handle the weather extremes of the outdoors while adding interest to the landscape. Examples include colorful steppingstones, mosaic art, and the popular Talavera pottery, to name just a few.

All the Accessories

An outdoor rug is not only a great way to add color to your space it also makes the outdoors feel more like the indoors. Outdoor rugs usually closely resemble their indoor counterparts in looks but are made to withstand moisture, sunlight, and the other weather elements. Nowadays outdoor rugs come in a countless number of colors, patterns, and sizes. hen dining alfresco, a colorful drape over your table to add a special touch to your dining space. If modern is more to your taste then hidden pops of colors on seat cushions or inside lighting elements may be all the color you need.

If you are looking for a little change in your scenery or wanting to add a bit more color to increase the happiness factor of your yard. Reach out to us. We’d love to discuss how a new landscape design can bring joy into your life.