Picture the finest flora and fauna in the country being grown, tended, and displayed during the harshest months of the winter.  There is an overwhelming sense of warmth from seeing lush floral displays and tropical palm trees when our noses are freezing at the tips, and we just can’t seem to get warm.  So how do you get this experience in the dead of winter? 

The Hershey Garden Conservatory began in the minds of Hershey founder Milton and his wife Catherine, who so loved seeing vibrant flowers and plants all year round.  In the state of Pennsylvania, the winter weather proves difficult for this type of growing, and thus began the building of glass buildings meant to house beautiful and otherwise dormant plants during the cold months.  These conservatories became quite a popular spot for tourists and locals who weren’t adjusting well to the winter months.

With respect paid to the Hershey family, the Hershey Gardens will be erecting their own massive conservatory that broke ground last spring.  Set to be done by the early summer in 2016, this 15,000 square foot structure was designed to resemble a conservatory build for the Hershey family in the early nineteen hundreds.  It will feature not only a Butterfly Atrium, but also a scenic overlook, from which guest will be able to get an almost panoramic view of the town and garden grounds. 

Also included in the Conservatory will be an exhibition area that will feature seasonal displays of horticulture.  The Hershey Garden is a popular educational destination for school field trips, and extreme attention was paid to making the new conservatory a learning center as well.   The Butterfly Atrium will house many species of tropical butterflies all year round, while the popular Butterfly House will continue to be the location for North American species. 

What began with a small mental picture for Milton Hershey, has grown into the incredible display that can be seen at the Hershey Gardens.  Furthering their vision, the new conservatory will complete a grand design that began many years ago.  There are still sponsorship opportunities available for those who would like to have a piece of the history of this continuation of the Hershey family’s vision.

As a premier landscaping group in the area, we will be donating some trees and shrubbery to the conservatory.  For those intending to partially replicate what the Hershey Garden has to offer, we can help!