The only thing that we enjoy more than designing great Pennsylvania outdoor spaces for homeowners is designing them for their four-legged friends. There is nothing like providing Fido with the ultimate outdoor space. Here are some of our favorite outdoor living upgrades that were design especially for your furry family member.

Something Safe and Secure

Dogs may have descended from free-ranging wolves, but our domesticated pups do best with boundaries. You might opt for a fully fenced backyard or a dog run within a larger area. Either way, you’ll know your dog is both happy and safe.

Consider a fencing material that matches your landscape style. Hardscape block walls come in a variety of colors and design aesthetics. And no matter what style you choose, get one sturdy and solid enough to contain your family friend so a curious dog can’t get stuck between slats or spaces.

A Place to Roam

Those gorgeous hardscaped walkways you’ve seen in our design gallery are not just for the humans. A long, winding pathway can provide dogs with plenty of space for exercise. These pathways are also great for pacifying the natural territorial instinct of dogs. Walkways can provide a path for patrolling their domain. Your pet will love having a designated space to cruise and explore. Flagstone, brick or pavers are great smooth surfaces that are easy on the paws.

Made in the Shade

Like their humans, dogs enjoy their time basking in the sun. But dogs are in danger of easily overheating, so it’s even more important to ensure they have a place to cool off. Luckily for you, they are always happy to share a space with their owners. Pergolas and other covered structures are a great addition to any outdoor space. Your furry friend will love relaxing in the shade on hot sunny days. The shade from a permanent structure can also cool down patio hardscaping surfaces. Your pooch will appreciate having a cool space to relax on while still enjoying the great outdoors.

Flora and Foliage

Trees and plants are a must for an inviting yard for both humans and dogs. But it’s important to make sure the choices are pet safe. Consult a professional landscaper to ensure anything you plant is non-toxic and use pet-safe landscaping materials. Mulch (except cocoa mulch) and small bark chips are dog-friendly and won’t heat up too much, though you’ll have to replace them periodically. Lawns are another choice, though they may be destroyed more easily than harder materials. Any one of these wonderful pet- and dog-friendly outdoor features is sure to get more than a few tail wags from even the most discriminating pooch. We have a feeling that pet parents will not turn their noses up at them either. For more inspirational designs for either two- or four-footed outdoor lovers check out our design galleries here.