It’s starting to feel like Spring is in the air. Sure, we likely have a few more snowfalls and freezes this year but you’ll find us daydreaming about the warmer weather despite what any groundhog says. Here are some of our tips for Springing Forward. 

Goal setting

First things first, put together your goals for how you want to use your space this year. How would you like to enjoy this space? What is important to you? Is there anything new you want to incorporate?  Pull together the family and prioritize together. 

Repair or replenish

Inspect your outdoor space with a fine-tooth comb. You are looking mainly for repair or replenishment opportunities. IE are there any cracked boards, tiles, or fittings, or does anything need a refill, like stone or mulch. Think about having things ready to go once the weather gets nice, you’ll be happy you did!

Create multiple areas for max enjoyment  

Outdoor area utilization usually falls into three main categories: dining, lounging, and recreation. They don’t have to be spread out if space is an issue, just separate enough so that there can be small vignettes and no one gets a frisbee to the face while they are grilling. 

Bring in the blooms

What’s on your mind bloom-wise this year? Get ideas from Pinterest or our blog on what grows well in your area and start to dream and add in some color. Bonus points for matching blooms to your décor colors!

Add lighting touches 

Outdoor lighting is one of our biggest requested services and there is no wonder why. There is nothing better than being able to enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun goes down. Even small DIY touches from lanterns, tiki torches to fairy lights can make a huge ambiance difference so keep that in mind as you plan. 

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