As Harrisburg’s weather begins to warm, you’re probably thinking more and more about your outdoor living space. This is especially true for those thinking about outdoor living area renovations. Every year, we receive summer calls for outdoor updates and other hardscaping projects. But it’s best to get these projects in sooner rather than later. That’s why we encourage you not to wait. Here are some things that will help you get your fall outdoor living project started.

Take the First Step

There are many steps between deciding to start a project and enjoying the finished result. The more you plan, the more success you’ll have with an outdoor living project (and the more likely you are to have the perfect gathering spot for all those seasonal visitors).

The first step you should take is to gather ideas for your space. Pinterest is a fantastic source for ideas on everything from dinner recipes and wedding venues to handmade pillow covers and, of course, outdoor living designs and landscape design resources. Whether you’re looking for an idea for a country escape or a perfectly Zen garden, you’ll find it on the site. And brands are getting in on the action these days, too. PA Landscape Group is one of many landscape design and maintenance contractors with a Pinterest profile and boards galore. Check out all of our boards here.

Once you have found your inspiration and have outlined your wish list, the next step is to prioritize. Every project has a budget and it is always best to prioritize your ideas and wish list (this will help you stay within your budget). Prioritizing can be a time-consuming chore. It all depends on your family’s current needs and future needs, and will be unique to your household. It’s best to have an idea of both your wishes and budget before contacting a designer.

Get It Scheduled

Planning ahead and scheduling during seasonal downtime will make the process a lot smoother. During the busy season, a landscape design contractor is already about eight weeks or more out on their schedule. Getting a jump start on the building schedule can be the difference of weeks—even months—all of which will lead to you being able to entertain in your new space during the summer months (rather than still being under construction).

A proper and successful design is the basis of any amazing outdoor project and the creative process needs time. By taking advantage of the off-season months, you will have more time and resources to ensure your space is everything you dream of.

PA Landscape group’s experienced award-winning staff can design, plan and supervise your landscape project, serving as general contractor for exceptional project management. As experts in the design and flow of the outdoors, let us be the first step in the overall design phase.