We all know, first impressions matter. The term “curb appeal” refers to the first impression that people get of your home. When they pull their car up in front, what do they see? Well-kept flower beds, a neatly cut lawn, and fresh paint? Or weeds, overgrown grass, and chipping paint? But the real question is does curb appeal actually increase the value of your home?

The Short Answer: Yes.

If you ask any Real Estate agent, they’ll tell you that increasing your curb appeal is important when selling your home. But now there’s research to back up their claims. In a recent study, which was published in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, it was found that homes with high curb appeal tend to sell for an average of 7% more and the premium rises to as high as 14% in slower real estate markets with greater housing inventory.

What Matters in Curb Appeal?

For the study, homes were considered to have low curb appeal if the property includes blemishes like a broken pavement or overgrown grass. Homes were considered to have high curb appeal if they included features like well-kept lawns and professional landscaping.

For most homes, the front door and porch reflect who you are and how guests and neighbors perceive you as a homeowner. Bright flowers and colorful foliage are the easiest ways to bump up your curb appeal. Turn your home’s entry into an inviting focal point with some of our favorite front door plant combinations for maximum curb appeal.

A paver driveway is an instant boost to your home’s curb appeal too. Pavers offer an enormous array of design choices and are readily available. With pavers, homeowners can create a rustic or period look quite easily. Pavers are wonderful for intricate designs and difficult applications. Also, a paver driveway carries relatively low long-term maintenance costs. This material is also manufactured to withstand weight and weather and can last up to 30 to 40 years.

But, Wait! There’s More

Looking for other ways to improve the resale value of your Pennsylvania home? Consider designing an outdoor living space! For the past 8 years, residential architects have ranked outdoor living areas as the most desired “special function” room among consumers, according to the American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey.

An outdoor living space is not only a great feature to enjoy while you live in your home, but it can also attract buyers when and if you’re ready to sell. With additions like patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and even swimming pools, you can improve the chances of selling your home for more and oftentimes quicker. As it is with all things exposed to Mother Nature, outdoor living features can over time, get dirty, discolor, or can require repairs. Regular maintenance on your outdoor living investment will maximize its lifespan and make sure it looks beautiful for your family’s enjoyment and even the next one. Ready to increase the value of your home? If so, let us help design and build your outdoor living space. Just remember, whether taking on small projects like added lighting or bigger projects like an outdoor kitchen, working on your yard appeal will always add value and beauty to your home.