Who isn’t feeling a little stressed these days? Your backyard should be a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors. We’re sure you will agree with us that feeling the sun shining on your face, the breeze blowing across your skin, or breathing in the fresh air from all around you makes you a little more relaxed. So, how do you achieve optimum relaxation in your backyard? Start with our outdoor living ideas that will help you destress.

The Heart of the Great Outdoors

While the kitchen may be the heart of a home, almost all of our favorite moments with family, friends, and pets happen in our backyards. Melding the two together into an outdoor kitchen and dining area will only double the effect. Spending time around your outdoor hearth with your favorite people is a surefire way to help you melt away from the stresses of life. Even some of the events gone-wrong can become the stories that bring the heartiest laughs in the future.

Just Add Plants

You may have heard this before, or it might be news – either way it’s true. Plants have been scientifically proven to reduce stress. A home environment that is rich in plants and foliage has shown to reduce the overall feelings of stress, increase focus, and provide mental comfort to homeowners. Although scientists haven’t exactly defined why this happens, the theory is that our body naturally responds positively to things that are good for us. What could be better than bright green foliage and colorful landscape plants?

Soothe Yourself with Water

Unwinding to the sounds of a babbling brook might seem like a dream involving a tent by a river under the stars. But the oasis can come to you. Outdoor water features can be as simple as a fountain or as resort-like as waterfall and koi pond and are cheaper than traveling somewhere far. Water features provide the right amount of soothing sights and sound to inject some much-needed tranquility into your yard.

Lighten Up Your Mood

We’re all about mood lighting for your outdoor living space. Giving the appearance of a spacious spa-like resort is just one of the many reasons to install outdoor lighting in your space. If you plan to spend a lot of your evenings outside, you should include outdoor lighting fixtures in your plans. Having lights On your fence under your trees or around your hardscape can do a lot in terms of ambiance and security.

Don’t Forget the Kids

Kids need a place to relax too. Kid-friendly spaces can be just as calming and eye-pleasing as any. Create a place for the kids to escape to you, so you can have a little ‘me’ time in your backyard.

Whether it’s transforming your outdoor space into a relaxing getaway, adding bright foliage to the yard, or creating a custom-designed outdoor dining place, we can help you revamp your humble abode into a destress destination.