Our Design Process

design process

At PA Landscape Group, the design process is of the utmost importance to us. It all begins here!

Just as there were plans to build our highways and bridges, your car, and your house, we have to have that same blueprint to accomplish what we hope to achieve.  Our design process is described in detail below.

If you are interested in a project, please read these over and decide how you would like to proceed in our design process. Note: we only design projects with the intent to install them. Thanks!


Designer Retainer Process



Initial Consultation

  • Meet with the client at the site to discuss the scope of the work to be performed.
  • Discuss budgetary figures with client of projects with similar scope.

Budget Estimate

  • Designer will prepare sketches for scope of work discussed in initial consultation.
  • Estimator will prepare a Budget Estimate for the scope of work shown in sketches.

Second Meeting

  • Sketches are presented to the client and reviewed with designer or estimator.
  • Budget Estimate for sketches is reviewed with the client by the designer or estimator.
  • Budget is established by the client and the Design Retainer Document is signed with a 10% retainer fee paid to PA Landscape Group Inc. (This fee is applied toward design and project management fees, with the remainder being applied to the scope of work if PA Landscape Group Inc. receives a signed contract from the homeowner within a six (6) month period for all or a minimum of 80% of the budget estimate.). See Design Retainer Contract here.

Plan Preparation

  • Landscape Plan is drawn to scale including items such a hardscape/structure layout, planting, lighting, fence, etc. Perspectives will be provided based on landscape plan.
  • Plan will be presented for final approval.
  • Contract for total project will be presented for signature.

Benefits of Design Retainer Process:


1. Design Retainer clients receive priority in the design schedule.
2. 100% of the design fees are applied to the cost of the project.
3. At the time of signing the design retainer, the client is put on the schedule for the work to be performed. This means that there will not be a delay in scheduling while plan revisions and contract are completed.

Project Management






Superior Project Management

Let PA Landscape Group Inc. plan your outdoors.

Our experienced award winning staff can design, plan and supervise your landscape project, serving as general contractor for exceptional project management. As experts in the design and flow of the outdoors, let us be the first step in the overall design phase.

For example, want to add a pool to your yard? Come to us to help you in the siting of it! We can place the pool properly in regards to movement around, drainage, and any possible current or future outdoor living constructs, such as outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and fire features.

We can design and co-ordinate the various features of your outdoors!
Need help visualizing materials, colors, paver design and textures, plants, fixtures, and appliances? Stop by and see our outdoor display area at our home office! You can do it on your own or plan to meet with a designer. For pictures, click here!