Pergolas have become an increasingly popular design element in outdoor living spaces. A pergola can be a great way to define either an outdoor living or dining space, as well as add that extra “wow” to your space. Pergolas can act as the foundation for your outdoor room and can be that one piece that pulls everything together. Create a charming outdoor space for entertaining or add interest to your outdoor living space with these breezy pergola ideas.

First, Let’s Start with the Basics

In case you haven’t jumped on this trend yet, you might be wondering what is a pergola? Many people confuse a pergola with a gazebo or arbor. While they share comparable characters and can function in many of the same ways, there is a difference. Gazebos are often round or octagonal shaped with a turret for the top. They are generally free standing and have a solid roof.

A pergola can be attached to a home or used as a freestanding structure with open sides and a semi-covered or shaded roof. Pergolas allow light, sun, and breeze to pass through, and are great for sitting areas to relax outdoors. Adding a fire pit, fireplace, grill, or outdoor kitchen to a pergola is great for every season and can extend the use and functionality of your backyard space.

Our Favorite Design Ideas

Just add curtains. It’s amazing what a little indoor decor can do for your outdoor patio. Curtains can serve two purposes. First, they give the space a comforting “relax” here look. Second, they add an element of privacy. Make sure you use weather friendly cloth and you’ll have a wonderful entertaining area that feels fancy without blowing your budget.

String up some lights. Everybody has string lights on their pergolas… but that doesn’t make it a bad idea. String lights give your outdoor entertaining space some lovely soft lighting that will make it all the more inviting for you and your guests.

Or, really add some lighting elegance. Many homeowners use the space under their pergolas as an outdoor dining room. If that sounds like your pergola, consider hanging a chandelier over your table. It will really help you achieve the alfresco dining experience.

The quintessential element for relaxing. For those who prefer a patio space that’s all about relaxing with a glass of iced tea and a good book, you’ll want to include a hammock. Use two sides of your pergola to install your hooks and then you can spend the rest of your summer weekends hanging around.

These pergola ideas can help bring character to your outdoor room, but if you don’t happen to have one we hope that they make you reconsider. Pergolas can add that extra living space to your home without the associated cost of a covered structure. The designers at PA Landscape Group, Inc. take into consideration the placement of your pergola, and offer expert opinions on the different styles, along with rafter placements to achieve the highest amount shade for the area. We ensure that any outdoor structure we create not only fits the architectural style of your home but reflects your lifestyle as well.