Chilly fall (and winter) weather should not stop you from enjoying the beauty of your backyard. If you want to extend how long you can enjoy your long weekends on the patio, an outdoor heater may be exactly what you need.  You can keep your family and guests more comfortable, for more hours during the day, and for more days during the year with an outdoor heater. Outdoor heaters are an easy addition to an existing patio or a great add-on to an outdoor living space design.

There are a lot of offerings in the outdoor heating world. Propane outdoor heaters, infrared heaters for screened-in porches, and attractive gas fire pits. So how do you decide which to pick? Well to start, try reading our complete guide to outdoor heating below.  

Gas Fire Features

Gas fire features are becoming increasingly popular in outdoor living spaces, and it’s easy to see why. They emit heat, use real flames, and become an instant focal point for your space. Real flames rise from glass rock beds, and the use of unique tile mantels help create a natural sitting area.

Gas fire features work best for large outdoor sitting areas, pool decks, and any patio that needs a focal point to sit around. You’ll want to consider a gas fire feature if appearance is top on your list. Other reasons to select this type of heating feature is that they are extremely low maintenance compared to traditional fire pits, they can have attractive mantels that double as a table for drinks and other items, homeowners can pick a design that matches their patio and outdoor furniture, and it’s easy to operate! And while there are many benefits to a gas fire feature, if you are looking to heat a covered patio or outdoor space this isn’t the option for you.

Propane & Gas Heaters

Traditional propane heaters are what come to mind when people think of outdoor heaters. While the traditional dome heater is still the most popular type, new designs are available these days. Heat radiates from tall, thin towers to provide immediate warmth for your family and guests. These types of heaters are convenient for homeowners that want a flexible and easy solution. Most have wheels and are easy to move, they have one-touch ignition, and have a variety of options available to fit the style and aesthetic of your space.

Electric Lamp Patio Heaters

Don’t want to deal with gas tanks? Electric patio heaters are the way to go. They’re also the best outdoor heater for enclosed areas. They can be used in any uncovered outdoor area too but require an electrical outlet. Electric heat is generally a softer heat than the warmth generated by a natural gas or propane tank. They are also free of smoke, embers, and ash that traditional fires release. You can find them in tall, full-size designs or tabletop models to fit your space and needs. They do require an electrical outlet, which can be limiting depending on your space.

Wall-Mounted Patio Heaters

Wall-mounted heaters are commonly used in restaurant and bar patios but are more and more prevalent in the residential setting. These outdoor heaters are great for covered outdoor spaces and balconies. Because of their sleek and off the floor design, they are a perfect choice for patios that don’t have a lot of space and tend to go well with modern outdoor sitting areas. Wall mounted heaters are the perfect choice if you want your existing outdoor space to remain the focal point of your guests. They are designed to stay out of sight and out of the way so guests and patio furniture can have more room

PA Landscape Group utilizes offerings from Bromic Heating. They offer two distinctive ranges –  Platinum Smart-Heat™ gas and electric heaters, and the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ electric, gas or portable outdoor heaters. All of their options are stylish and of a high-quality design to bring lasting warmth into your outdoor space. And our design and installation services will ensure any selection you make will bring some warmth into your life for seasons to come!