When the days finally grow longer and the birds start chirping again, you know spring is on its way. Which means it’s time to put away the snow shovels and start thinking about spring projects, such as your landscape. Before you begin major landscaping projects, you’ll want to do these five simple tasks to get your lawn and garden spring-ready.

Pre-Spring Cleaning

Throughout the fall and winter, your garden can be exposed to the elements and what’s left behind from storms. The first step to prepping your lawn for spring is to clean up the leaves, twigs and other debris that have gathered over the winter. Rakes work, but air blowers are even easier. The same cleanup method applies to your trees and bushes. Trim off any broken or dead branches.

Prune Out the Winter

Speaking of pruning, some heavy pruning might be called for. While you are out there, inspect your yard by examining trees, shrubs, and your garden. Check for any damaged branches on your trees, especially the ones close to your home. Now is a good time to make decisions on branches you want to be pruned or professionally removed before the spring. Any broken, diseased or dead limbs from deciduous trees and other woody plants should be removed. If dead branches are left untended, they can fall, causing property damage and potential injury.

Pop Quiz! (For Your Soil)

Early spring is also a great time to test your soil, to check it has the proper pH balance and nutrients before starting any landscaping projects. Plants and flowers need to be planted in healthy soil with the precise nutrients needed to grow. Take a sample of your soil to a local agricultural extension office, or purchase an at-home testing kit. This is a very important step to take before starting any spring landscape projects, as you increase your chances of a successful growing season.

Plan Your Planting

Another important step to take before planting this spring is to decide what to plant! Consider the characteristics of your yard, such as soil type, sun and shade patterns, the direction of winds and access to water or irrigation. But you also want to consider aesthetic. Plants that attract your gaze and can add color to your outdoor space.  You can find some of our favorite spring plants that are sure to please, here.

Get Ready for Your First Mow of Season

Don’t wait for the grass to grow out of control before trimming it for the first time. Depending on the weather, your lawn will need to be mowed about once a week for the first six weeks of spring. Mowing your grass early and often will help the roots grow strong for a lush lawn all summer long.

When it comes to spring yard prep, many homeowners don’t have time to fiddle with fussy plants or deadhead blooms. And we get that. That is why we offer landscape maintenance services. We want homeowners to enjoy their landscapes, not dread them. Check out all of our general maintenance services we offer.

Want a real deal? Our Total Property Maintenance Package will ensure your landscape is maintained properly each season without the need for you to make another call. All of the services listed above are included in Total Property Maintenance and will be done at the proper time for best results!