One of the biggest questions our clients ask us when we are beginning to map out their outdoor space is which trends go the distance. We believe in always going with your gut but here are some trends that are still here to stay and we couldn’t be happier. 

Minimalistic Design 

Think simple clean lines with your landscaping and outdoor living elements really doing the talking. 

Natural-Looking Features 

Natural-looking features like wood, eco-friendly poly-rattan, and macrame are timeless and continue to be a favorite of our clients. 

Calming Colors

The colors found in nature are the keys to creating a calming space, and we don’t think calming spaces will ever go out of style. If you do want some pops of color; think pillows, blankets, and accessories instead. 

Modular Furniture

Sectional furniture is king here because you can choose your own adventure with the layout. Entertaining? Arrange accordingly. Working from home? Give each person their own distance and space. Watching the big game? Angle seating so there is a clear view of your outdoor TV. 

Foodie Heaven 

Move over propane grills and continue to say hello to outdoor fine dining at its best with cooktops, smokers, mini-fridges, and wood-fired pizza ovens.  These aren’t going away anytime soon and we couldn’t be happier about that. 

What trends are you glad that are sticking around? Let us know on our social media!