Summer is just around the corner! We cannot wait for the lush foliage and bright green grass of the warmer months. Whether your idea of summer backyard fun is quiet nights having dinner al fresco with friends or relaxing poolside, we have 5 design ideas that can upgrade your yard into an oasis.

Plant Lush Tropical Layers

Tropical landscape design styles are typically more free-form than modern landscaping or traditional gardens. From towering shade trees to midsize shrubs to low-lying ground cover, using different-size plants creates textured freeform layers. And while colorful tropic flowers are nice, green foliage can work just as well. To make your space visually more interesting, use various shades of green and create texture by mixing leaves in different sizes and shapes, such as low-lying, fernlike palms with the large, broad leaves of philodendrons. Although these plants will die in the winter, their summer and fall flora is spectacular.

Just Add Light

Giving the appearance of a spacious resort is just one of the many reasons to install outdoor lighting in your space. If you plan to spend a lot of your evenings outside, you should include outdoor lighting fixtures in your plans. Everything from dramatic and boldly colored lights to soft twinkling accent lighting along walkways can provide an elegant ambiance. Outdoor lighting has a huge impact on your landscape and can elevate any yard into a beautiful oasis in the evenings.

Soothe Yourself with Sound

Unwinding to the sounds of a babbling brook might seem like a dream involving a tent by a river under the stars. But the oasis can come to you. Outdoor water features can be as simple as a fountain or as resort-like as waterfall and koi pond and are cheaper than traveling somewhere far. Water features provide the right amount of soothing sights and sound to inject some much-needed tranquility into your yard. In the same vein of relaxation, outdoor audio can help increase the atmosphere of your outdoor living space. The speakers are incorporated into your landscape so you don’t even notice they are there, but you can sure hear the difference. Our systems are water, UV, and corrosion-resistant and built to last. Due to our superior cabling, the superior transmission of sound and power is delivered to every component in the system which gives the best sound quality possible. We offer a complete design service to make sure the right combination of audio products is specified for your yard.

Get Technical

Imagine floating in the pool and watching TV at the same time. The latest in TV technology lets you set up the screen by the pool for movie night or out on the deck for the big game. A typical TV would never survive outside. Outdoor TVs are completely weatherproof, so you can leave them outside all year long. The weather-tight exterior seals all of the internal components and ports from the elements, including rain, snow, heat, dust, excess humidity, and insects. They come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted onto virtually any surface and you get to decide how big you want this incredible TV to be and where you want it to go. Imagine yourself watching a football game while you’re in the hot tub or enjoying a cocktail on your outdoor patio while watching a movie.

Outdoor Structures

With all that harsh sunshine, you need a little protection and a place to cool off—outdoor shade structures protect against both the heat and the rain. When talking shady structures there are generally three options you will encounter; pergolas, covered patios, and pavilions. Whether you go for a Ramada, Pergola, or a pavilion over your outdoor table, kitchen, or living area adding shade means cooling down your space. Not only will they create a shady oasis, but they also add to the beauty and value of your home.

With the temperatures heating up, how could you not be dreaming of the perfect backyard oasis? Any homeowner with a beautifully designed backyard should be eager to utilize it. Reach out to us to see how you can take advantage of the warm weather and add some of these fun and beautiful upgrades to turn your outdoor living space into an oasis.