Your outdoor space, for some of us it’s a place to spend your weekends and evenings. To kick back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. I am sure you will agree with us that feeling the sun shining on your face, the breeze blowing across your skin or breathing in the fresh air from all around you makes you a little happier than before (OK, maybe a lot happier). So, we probably don’t need to tell you this, but there are several scientifically backed reasons why your outdoor space does make you happy.

It’s a Space for Bonding

Almost all of our favorite moments with family, friends and pets happen in our backyards. Spending time in your outdoor living space with your favorite people is a surefire way to create lasting memories for years to come. Even some of the events gone-wrong (rained-out s’mores fest) can become the stories that bring the heartiest laughs in the future. Creating these memories and connections to your loved ones is a surefire road to happiness.

Plants Can Reduce Stress

You may have heard this before, or it might be news – either way it’s true. Plants have been scientifically proven to reduce stress. A home environment that is rich in plants and foliage has shown to reduce the overall feelings of stress, increase focus, and provide mental comfort to homeowners. Although scientists haven’t exactly defined why this happens, the theory is that our body natural responds positively to things that are good for us. What could be better than bright green foliage and colorful landscape plants?

You Can Breathe Deeply

As you know, plants are consumers of carbon dioxide and in turn, release oxygen back into the atmosphere. They do this in their natural process of photosynthesis. The process allows them to use sunlight to convert water sugars and carbon dioxide into energy for them. For us humans, it becomes a natural form of air filtration. Plants make the air fresher and healthier around our outdoor spaces. That couldn’t make us any happier.

It Makes You Feel Younger

Recent research has shown that being outside on a regular basis may help older people stay healthy and functioning longer. Participants who spent time in their outdoor space every day reported having few complaints about aches, pains and sleep problems compared to those that did not. Other research has shown that outdoor exercising or hobbies like gardening can also improve memory and mobility. We feel younger already.

It May Prevent Depression

Stagnation and boredom are a few of the leading cause of depression in adults in the United States. New and exciting surroundings can help provide stimulus to your brain and prevent such feelings. A new landscape or consistently changing surroundings of seasonal plant life in your outdoor space can help. This activity in your natural surroundings and home promotes your interest in your surroundings which in turns abates some symptoms of depression.

If you are looking for a little change in your scenery or wanting to add a bit more greenery to increase the happiness factor of your yard. Reach out to us. We’d love to discuss how a new landscape design can bring joy into your life.