For those who live in Pennsylvania and love the great outdoors, summer is the best time of the year. But who wants to spend that lovely season doing chores? Or worse, disappointed that their outdoor living area isn’t as picture perfect as it could be. The backyard can serve as a restful abode of relaxation during the warm summer months—or it can look more like a wasteland of burnt grass and cracked pavers. It’s up to you. If you want a backyard oasis, we recommend doing these three things now.

Prepare for a Lush Lawn

A great foundation for any outdoor oasis is a lawn. And the lawn should be the start of your summer preparation. Frequent mowing during spring will help to strengthen the roots and make the plants sturdy (remember to keep its height under 3 inches). When summer arrives, raise the cutting height of your lawnmower, leaving the grass longer to better shade the soil and retain moisture. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not only the task itself that matters but the timing and proper technique.

Here are some tips you should pay attention to when mowing:

  • Avoid mowing wet grass
  • Change your mowing patterns regularly
  • Keep the mower blades sharp and balanced
  • Mow the grass areas in shade higher
  • Leave the grass clippings after mowing

If your lawn needs extra care, hire a professional landscaper to help you achieve the lawn that you’ve always wanted.

Create an Escape

Nothing says summer like outdoor living. To create a relaxing escape, purchase really comfortable outdoor patio furniture. Not only does furniture boost the comfort and functionality of any outdoor living space, but it can also bring in the colors of the season. Adding color to your landscape is easy with outdoor furniture accents. Vibrantly hued cushions, tinted patio tables, lively wicker chairs and colorful, weather-proof sofas all contribute to the appeal of an outdoor space. Incorporating fresh style into your landscape doesn’t have to require a whole new furniture set; add accent pillows or reupholster a favorite outdoor couch to work with existing elements.
To pull an outdoor space together, an outdoor rug can offer comfort underfoot and tie in your color scheme. It’ll make your summer guests feel like they’re sitting in an outdoor living room. You can also keep blankets nearby for relaxing into those chilly nights. Ottomans are also great to include, as they invite people to put their feet up and relax.

Plan a Project for the Fall

Enjoy your yard now, but consider the rest of the year, too! Thinking about what you want ahead of time for the cooler months will help you consider what you’ll want year-round. Ask yourself questions like: “Will I be able to use this when it’s chilly?” or “How will this color of paver look in the winter?” or “What kind of maintenance will be required in the colder months?” This way, you won’t just be thinking ahead for summer—you’ll be thinking ahead for the winters to come. Planning ahead and scheduling big projects or renovations early will ensure that your plans can come to fruition. A great place to start is by browsing images of outdoor spaces. Our design gallery includes a wealth of outdoor space ideas and projects we have completed.

If you’re ready to schedule, please give us a call. We are here to help from the start to finish of any design process. Our design team is ready to help you visualize materials, colors, paver design and textures, plants, fixtures and appliances. Stop by and see our outdoor display area at our home office! You can do it on your own or plan to meet with a designer.