We want to shed some light on the subject of outdoor lighting. For some it may seem like an insignificant addition to a landscape design, but we could not disagree more. Your landscape is a source of pride, a sanctuary for relaxation and a gathering place to spend time with family and friends. Outdoor lighting brings your landscape to life after the sun goes down. But, if you still have your doubts about the value of this shiny solution we have some information that may help change your mind. These are our top three reasons why outdoor lighting should be a part of any outdoor living design.

#1 Highlight and accentuate your landscape features.

That custom water feature or stunning outdoor art piece can be easily overlooked without proper lighting. But lighting can do more than just brighten. It can also transform and emphasize the best features of your outdoor space. Focal points stand out and become more beautiful. Textures otherwise overlooked in the daylight suddenly become prominent. Architectural features can be highlighted bringing the building and landscape together into a retreat-like feel.

#2 Extend the hours you can enjoy your outdoor space.

When the sun goes down and everyone starts to head indoors, outdoor lighting can illuminate a whole new world for you. Well installed lighting can make your outdoor space the perfect gathering place. Patios, pools and even children’s play areas can become evening and nighttime entertainment venues or relaxing places to unwind at the end of a long day.

#3 Provide extra safety and security to your home.

We want our customers and their guests to feel safe and secure in any of our outdoor designs and proper lighting can achieve just that. A well-lit landscape can deter potential intruders by eliminating dark areas and shadows otherwise used to conceal movement around a property. Hazards such as steps and elevation changes, overhead risks like low hanging branches and underfoot debris can easily be avoided by your guests with properly placed lighting.

Although the reasons for installing outdoor lighting remain consistent for our customers, we don’t believe in cookie cutter installations. PA Landscape Group offers a variety of customizable lighting solutions that lets you personalize your space. Dimmable systems are great additions to outdoor lighting environments. They allow you to create or change the feel and mood of a space with ease. Zoned areas allow you to differentiate your lighting options between the various parts of your living space. Dimming some lights, making others brighter, turning others off, and customizing each area to your liking. Colored lights are just another way to let your personality shine. They also provide an additional way to show your festive holiday spirit. The best part is our systems are hands-off on your end.

PA Landscape Group Inc. would love to design a system for you that highlights your landscape, accentuates its features, while providing security at the same time. Please visit our design gallery for inspiration and ideas to put you on the well-lit path of outdoor lighting.