When the cold weather rolls in, thinking about your outdoor living spaces usually falls by the wayside.  And once the snow hits the ground, the last thing you want to think about are outdoor projects, but in fact, we think this season is the best time to think about your outdoor space!  Your spring and summer projects should start with winter planning.  We are not so much talking about which flowers you will plant in which planters, but rather, transforming your backyard into that dream space you have always wanted. These are the 5 reasons why we think winter is the perfect time to start your outdoor planning.

Your Yard is the Biggest Room You Have

Outdoor living spaces are one of the top ways to invest in your property as a homeowner. Your return on investment can be up to 75%! So needless to say, planning your outdoor space should take just as much preparation as it would to build an addition or garage. Hiring a professional landscape designer is much like hiring a building architect, they just specialize in the outdoors.  Sufficient planning and designing time is needed to be aesthetically cohesive to existing architecture. You also want to take the time to ensure your design will fit the specific needs of your family. Spend time now to go online and create a board on Pinterest or an Ideabook on Houzz filled with your ideas for the space. With so many options out there, creating a visual aid for your designer will help them zero in on exactly what you are looking for to deliver a personalized design that you absolutely love. Starting the planning process now will save you precious time when the weather breaks!

It’s a Period to Prioritize

Once you have found your inspiration and have outlined your wish list, it is time to prioritize. Every project has a budget and it is always best to prioritize your ideas and wish list thinking about your budget and prioritizing your want list will help you stay within your budget. Prioritizing can be a time-consuming chore. It all depends on your family’s current needs and future needs and will be unique to your household. It’s best to have an idea of both your wishes and budget before contacting a designer.

Outdoor Living Makeovers Take Time

Communication between you and your landscape designer will take time. It is important that you both understand each other completely as well as understand the property fully.  The off-season of the winter months allows your designer to be even more accessible than normal. They are not as busy as they will be when it is warmer outside and business is in full swing. This leaves additional time for making design modifications as necessary and time to pick out all of the materials you would like to incorporate into your design.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of material combinations you can make for your space. Having the time to talk with your designer will be an enormous advantage to find precisely what will work for your outdoor plan.

Wait for the Permits Now, Rather Than Later

If you have ever lived through a building project where you needed permits to begin the process, you know that it can take quite a while to be granted permits. On average, it takes 4-6 weeks for a permit to be issued to begin a construction project. And unfortunately, they are entirely necessary before the groundbreaking of any project can begin. Applying for permits during the winter months, or nearing spring will most likely expedite the process because the permitting group is not being swamped with applications. The cold months of the offseason allow time to be sure that all appropriate paperwork has been filled out, turned in and approved.

Scheduling is Easier

It works for scheduling vacations, dentist visits, just about everything. Planning ahead and scheduling during a business’ downtime will make the process a lot smoother. Typically, when the weather starts to warm up, a landscape design and build firm is already about 8 weeks or more out on their schedule. Getting a jump start on the building schedule can be the difference of weeks, sometimes even months.  All of which will lead to you being able to entertain in your new space during the summer months, rather than still being under construction.

A proper and successful design is the basis of any amazing outdoor project and the creative process needs time. By taking advantage of the off-season months, you will have more time and resources to ensure your space is everything you dream of. PA Landscape group’s experienced award-winning staff can design, plan and supervise your landscape project, serving as general contractor for exceptional project management. As experts in the design and flow of the outdoors, let us be the first step in the overall design phase.