While fall’s gently tumbling leaves seem so peaceful, they can also be a wake-up call that winter is coming. It’s true that outdoor chores aren’t as abundant as those of the spring and summer, but fall landscape maintenance tasks are just as important to the health and beauty of your landscape as other times of the year. In fact, now is the ideal time to take care of some important outdoor and landscaping maintenance. Below you will find PA Landscape Group’s big list of the fall maintenance to-dos that you should focus on.

Winterize Your Irrigation

Before the chance of freezing weather is imminent, be sure to drain your irrigation system. This is typically done using compressed air or drain valves.

Plant (Most Types of) Shrubs and Trees

Fall is the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs due to the warm soil temperatures, ideal air temperature, and decreased rainfall. These conditions help the young trees to adapt quickly to create a thriving root system that will, in turn, help them flourish come springtime.

Plant Pansies, Mums, Ornamental Kale and Cabbage

There are a few plants that love the cooler temperatures and brighten the fall garden. Chrysanthemums, pansies and ornamental kale and cabbage are some popular fall selections.

Fertilize Trees and Shrubs

Your fall fertilization is perhaps the most important of the year. Use a specially blended fertilizer that is designed to release slowly, providing the nutrients that plants will use to survive the winter and for maximum green-up next spring.

Complete Late Season Shrub and Tree Trimming

Prune trees and shrubs to remove dead branches or to control their size. When pruning shrubs, always try to maintain the natural size and growth habit of the species.  Avoid over-pruning or sculpting unnatural shapes, unless you are creating a specific look such as a hedge. 

Make Time for Lawn Renovations

While fall may signal the end of the growing season, that doesn’t mean your lawn care ends here. In fact, autumnal temperatures mean your lawn is ripe to absorb nutrients, energy, and moisture.

Plant Spring Bulbs

Spring-blooming bulbs are planted in the fall to provide the chilling time required for spring blooms. Remember to prepare the soil and plant bulbs at the appropriate depth listed on the package for the species.

Cut Back Perennials and Grasses

While you can leave spent stems and seed heads on grasses and perennials until spring, a cleaner and more maintained look will be achieved if they are cut back. Fall is the perfect time to do this, to a height of about 6-8″ off of the ground.

Remove Summer Annuals

Unlike perennials, annuals do not come back from season to season so there is no reason to leave these in the ground. Pull them up, roots and all, and add them to your compost pile.

Keep up with Leaf Removal

Allowing your leaves to pile up blocks out nutritious light and traps moisture in your grass. Let your grass get the light and air it needs to stay healthy by raking and removing leaves regularly.

From football to festivals, outdoor activity comes alive in the fall. As you marvel at the magnificent fall color on your trees, remember to make a little time for yard maintenance. You will be thankful for it during the next growing season. Of course, sometimes you just can’t find the time. We understand that. That’s why we offer general and landscape maintenance services. And our Total Property Maintenance Package will ensure that each chore is executed at the proper time and done right to keep your yard looking its best all year round.