Do you look at your patio and wince every time you dream of inviting your friends over for a barbecue? Whether you have a big or small outdoor living space to work with, there are easy solutions for turning your outdoor area into a wonderful spot for your family and friends to enjoy. With these six solutions you could have a summer ready outdoor living space by next weekend!

Get Shady

Adding extra shade can be a great attraction in your backyard in summer, either for part of your swimming pool or dining and outdoor living area. A pergola or ramada with pillars and a permanent roof and can help define your patio and “hangout zone” from the rest of your backyard. It can lend your space more privacy, shade, and shelter.

Light it Up

The easiest way to dress up your outdoor living space and still make a big impact is with lighting. There are many options to choose from depending on your space and your style. Uplighting is a popular lighting effect that works well in any size space. It is created by strategically placing low voltage lighting fixtures on the ground and pointing them up. Hence, creating the effect of “up lighting”. Uplighting can add an uplifting ambience to your summer evening gatherings.

Stripes are In

Pattern can add a playful touch to a porch or patio, and there’s no other one that’s as infallible as the classic cabana stripe. The motif brings the essence of beach breezes, long summer days, and resort pools to an outdoor space. And while it can adorn everything from swimsuits to wallpaper, we especially love it on outdoor curtains or seating.

Break it Up

Make a sprawling backyard more approachable by breaking the space up into several gathering areas. A paved patio is a practical place for things like an outdoor kitchen and dining area, where you want to be able to access the indoors with ease. But smaller conversation areas such as water features, fire pits, and even outdoor bars can spread out elsewhere, creating more intimate spaces for guests to congregate.

Just Add Plants

Potted plants and container gardens not only add color to your outdoor living space, but they can hide boring corners and define space.  Purchase pots that are similar in color or style–this will allow you to have a variety of different plants without the space looking chaotic.  While you can mix and match different plant types, you should combine plants that share similar water and sunlight necessities which will make it easy for you to keep them looking lovely all summer long.

A Quick Clean

Before you even think about flipping that first burger, make sure your grill is clean and ready to go.  For this quick clean up job you will need a stiff wire brush, a spatula, tongs, a cloth and vegetable oil. First, preheat your grill for 15 minutes and then turn it off. While the grill is still warm, scrape the grate with the wire brush. Next, grab the cloth with the tongs and dampen it with the vegetable oil. Use the tongs to rub the oily cloth over the grill gate. In addition to cleaning the grill, the vegetable oil will help prevent food from sticking, preventing additional build up throughout the summer grilling season.

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