The winter may not seem like an active time for your yard, but this is an ideal time to prepare your landscape for next year’s growing season. Just as your yard has four distinct seasons of growth and rest, it has four distinct seasons of landscape maintenance. Read on to learn all about PA Landscape Group’s winter landscape checklist.

Cut Back Perennials and Grasses

Many ornamental kinds of grass will remain attractive if left standing throughout the better part of the winter. They may even provide food for the birds. However, they may also provide shelter for mice and rodents. If you do choose to leave your ornamental grasses standing, you will want to cut them back by early spring, before the new growth begins to grow into the old blades and makes it impossible not to cut back both.

Perennials will come back next year because the roots survive, even though the growth above ground dies. Cutting off the dead and spent foliage a few inches above the ground in the fall or winter will not harm the plant.

Remove Summer Annuals

Unlike perennials, annuals do not come back from season to season so there is no reason to leave these in the ground. Pull them up, roots and all, and add them to your compost pile.

Leaf and Debris Removal

Leaf and debris piles are common places for diseases and pests over winter. The less hospitable you can make the garden for winter hardy pests, the fewer problems you’ll have come spring.

Dormant Pruning on Trees and Shrubs

Winter can be a prime time for pruning. The leaves are long gone and most woody plants are dormant. Pruning during the dormant season stimulates many trees and shrubs because it leaves the plants with extra root and energy reserves that will support new growth on the left behind branches. Dormant-season pruning is easier for you too. You can see the branches more clearly without leaves in the way.

Have Your Landscape Projects Designed for the Warmer Months

Once the first official frost is no longer a threat, don’t you just want to run out into your yard and start enjoying it? It may surprise you to know that now, the cold months of winter, is the absolute best time to plan for your spring outdoor living project. It’s the off-season in the landscaping business as well, so now is the time to reach out to a landscape designer and get your project started. Beat the rush and contact a professional landscape design company like us and be ready to enjoy your new outdoor space sooner rather than later.

Landscape maintenance is a four-season activity. Just as you prepared for summer in your spring landscape maintenance, so in winter you need to prepare for what spring will bring. Starting now (with this handy checklist) will help to ensure that your spring yard will look the best it has ever been. And, as always, if you want a little help in keeping your yard in top-shape from season to season you can count on PA Landscape Group’s maintenance services.